Survey Shows Government Agencies Rapidly Migrating to Cloud Storage

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  January 12, 2021

In Mid 2020, a survey conducted by Market Connections gathered the responses of over 500 state, local, and federal government agencies about questions related to cloud infrastructure and FedRamp (Federal Risk And Authorization Management Program). According to the results, 91% of federal agency respondents and 93% of state and local respondents said they have all, most, or some systems and solutions in the cloud. Not only that, federal (95%) and state and local (97%) respondents recognized benefits from moving to a FedRAMP-authorized solution, including long-term cost savings and acceleration to broader cloud adoption.

The past year has brought in an unprecedented dependence on cloud storage and technologies, due to the severe limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the survey was to better understand where agencies stand in their adaptation to cloud technology.

FedRAMP is a government-wide program administered by the General Services Administration (GSA (News - Alert)), which acts as a standardized approach to assessing security, authorization, and monitoring for cloud solutions. FedRAMP-authorized solutions allow agencies to migrate to the cloud, and accelerate their migration roadmap, while meeting federal mandates and ensuring adherence to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) guidelines.

“It is clear from the results of the survey that government agencies recognize the value of FedRAMP from the security standpoint along with the ability to drive long-term cost-savings and embark on an accelerated cloud adoption strategy,” said Raj Parameswaran, President, U.S Federal Information Technology, Maximus.

Security has become a top priority for customers utilizing cloud services, and government services require even greater protection. In fact, the survey found that 45% of federal and 52% of state and local respondents said their agency currently stores citizen and mission-critical data in cloud storage. This means that having FedRamp authorization not only provides benefits to the organizations, but gives users confidence that their data is protected.

“As government technology leaders accelerate their IT modernization efforts since COVID-19, they are clearly looking to FedRAMP-authorized solutions to enable a remote workforce and meet stringent security compliance requirements,” said Bruce Caswell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Maximus. “This survey shows that migrating to the cloud helps deliver business value, while meeting the growing needs for delivering optimal citizen services.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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