Understanding the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

By Special Guest
Maria Briggs
  |  February 09, 2021

Cloud computing has been one of the greatest things to happen to the web hosting industry. It has made the proliferation of the Internet happen at a much faster rate. It has made managing infrastructure as easy as clicking a few buttons. One of the large cloud hosting platforms is owned by Google (News - Alert). They have added many different changes to improve how easy it is to purchase computing infrastructure without any problems. One of those things is the marketplace. GCP marketplace has essentially democratized web hosting because you no longer need any sort of technical skills to manage your own web infrastructure.

What is the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace?

Google cloud provides an exceptional service to host whatever you want. However, certain applications are more popular than others, and you might want to host those things. For example, a very common thing that people host on the Internet is a WordPress blog. The GCP marketplace is responsible for making it easy for you to install these applications. You don't have to go through the hurdle of setting up your own solution, as it has already been made for you. You can launch your own production-grade solutions in only a few clicks.

This marketplace is filled with some of the most impressive and common software on the Internet. It also has a collection of data sets you can use for various research activities. No matter what you're doing, the platform has something that is there to serve everyone. If you don't find what you need, you can even create your own solution for others to use. It is this sharing that makes the Google cloud marketplace so powerful.

Using the Marketplace Effectively

After learning about the power of the GCP marketplace, the next step is to figure out how you can use it effectively to your own ends. It starts by signing up and creating your own Google cloud account. You can then provision your own services with a click of a button. It really is that simple. However, you need to understand how to do that for more complicated software tools. While the majority of people are going to be okay using things like WordPress, they won't understand how to do more complicated tasks using this marketplace. The marketplace has more power than what you need for simple CMS hosting. It can do a lot of different tasks with more complicated tools.

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this marketplace is great for complete beginners. This is ultimately its biggest advantage. You do not need to have any experience with cloud hosting to take advantage of these apps. You also don't need to know anything about the Google Cloud infrastructure. You don't need to know about the Computing Engine or the storage aspect of the cloud. You simply come in and provision the resources you need with the click of a button. The backend system does all the work for you, and then you are left with your website to set up and administer. It makes the playing field for cloud deployment as a level as can be. There is also enough variety here to ensure that you will find solutions to whatever your problem is. Finally, it makes it easy for you to change resource allocation during deployment.

Examples You Can Deploy

There are many different categories of applications you can deploy. These categories range from traditional content management systems to data sets that are used for combating viral outbreaks. Each dataset and software system has enough for you to spend months of your time learning and trying to master. You can also get support from the package maintainer, which makes this the perfect system for deploying and learning about certain software solutions. You are never alone in the entire process, and that makes it one of the biggest differentiators compared to the competition.

Common CMS Systems

  • WordPress - This is the most popular CMS solution in the entire world. The cloud platform allows you to easily deploy a website with only a few clicks. You only need minimal knowledge of WordPress to take advantage of its amazing features.
  • Drupal - While this CMS solution is not as popular as WordPress, it still features in millions of websites in the world. You can easily deploy it with only a few clicks, and you can take advantage of its amazing configurability when compared to WordPress and other simple blogging content management solutions.
  • Joomla - A content management solution for people who don't like programming, Joomla is one of the most popular solutions in the entire world. It is also available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Big Data Solutions

  • Apache Cassandra - This solution is for people who need and NoSQL database that can scale to hundreds or even thousands of servers. The processing involved makes it worth getting to know and understand.
  • SQL - You can still deploy traditional SQL servers on the Google cloud through the marketplace.
  • Hadoop - One of the most popular applications for data science, Hadoop is available for you on the marketplace, and you can learn to use and configure it.

Developer Tools

  • Jenkins - Continuous integration is a promising piece of technology, and this is one of the most common services for the future.
  • Gitlab - You can build your own Github using the software.

The Google Cloud Platform Marketplace is one of the biggest developments in cloud hosting. It has led to many people being able to get access to cloud hosting without having the technical knowledge that has traditionally been required by other providers. As time goes on, many more people are taking advantage of this feature to start businesses and improve their lives. It is also turning into a mini economy, as many brands can come in and sell their products on the Cloud Marketplace. This will only improve as time goes on.  

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