CoreDial Strengthens its Channel in Competitive Landscape with New CoreNexa 7.0 Platform

By Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director  |  May 27, 2021

CoreDial (News - Alert) has historically understood the pressures on resellers better than many communications vendors.  It should, because following a channel-only model, it’s focus is squarely on the success of its partners.  It has built an efficient onboarding system and channel program that has earned the loyalty of partners who consistently say they enjoy higher margins than with many competitors.  As a result, it has grown its channel program to more than 850 partners. 

Its latest platform release, CoreNexa 7.0, extends CoreDial’s value proposition by giving the channel CoreDial’s entire range of communications and collaboration services in a single platform to satisfy the requirements of nearly any customer, with the power to generate revenue across a variety of deployment scenarios and markets.

“Our vision has always been to enable our channel partners to deliver seats to customers that include all the rich capabilities businesses need, with almost zero configuration,” said CoreDial CEO Alan Rihm.  “With CoreNexa 7.0, we have put it all together in a desktop application, along with browser and mobile companions.”

Billed as a collaboration-first solution, CoreNexa 7.0 integrates the company’s proven UC and telephony features with enterprise-quality video – thanks to its recent acquisition of eZuce – along with chat, collaboration and productivity tools that are well suited for modern business needs.  The result is a solution that can address traditional office environments, work-from-home staff, mobile workers, and any combination of the tree, to support the realities of today’s workforces. 

According to Rihm, the decision to build CoreNexa 7.0 was fueled by several factors.  The deal to acquire eZuce was one, because it gave CoreDial a very solid solution for satisfying the skyrocketing demand for video meetings.  Another was the growth of remote work environments, which CoreDial has been able to support seamlessly via its cloud architecture.  The third was the market itself.  With a new generation of competitors emerging, including video collaboration vendors, CoreDial wanted to be able to provide its partners with a complete communications and collaboration solution – including contact center – to protect their customer bases.

“CoreNexa 7.0 is a game changer for us,” explained Rihm.  “It opens the door for partners, who now have the chance to sell high margin services, like video and other sophisticated collaboration capabilities.  They can sell these services into existing accounts, or new environments using video as either a standalone service or bundled with UC, contact center, and our other solutions.  Most importantly, CoreNexa 7.0 allows our partners to compete with anyone, anywhere because they now have a truly comprehensive portfolio that is aligned with market requirements.  It really opens up the playing field.”

From a capability perspective, CoreDial believes CoreNexa 7.0 can match or even outperform other cloud communications platforms. Along with CoreDial’s proven UC features, CoreNexa 7.0 provides a number of interesting innovations that will appeal to a sophisticated customer base.

One example is its “always on” virtual room.  It’s an online meeting space that can be assigned to an individual, workgroup or even an entire department.  The room is comparable to a physical office that creates a centralized space where team members can come and go to collaborate and interact.  A room can also be locked for private meetings, or if individuals need someone alone time to get work done. 

“The Rooms feature is among the most interesting capabilities available in CoreNexa 7.0,” shared Rihm.  “Once people become accustomed to it, they’ll wonder how they’ve ever done without it.  It’s a truly transformative tool that allows people to work from anywhere and be as productive as if they were all in the same office.”

Think of Rooms as a virtual representation of the physical office, where people can leave their doors open for colleagues to come in to talk and collaborate, or they can be closed for private meetings or simply to provide a quiet workspace.  It’s a unique way to bridge the physical and virtual work environments – something that is missing in most

Along with Rooms, CoreNexa 7.0 offers a plethora of collaboration services that can be used by businesses in all environments.  The solution combines HD video, messaging with chat and SMS, contact and calendar integration with Microsoft 365 and Google (News - Alert) Workspace, single sign-on, and other capabilities.  CoreNexa 7.0 is really designed to fit any workforce models by replacing, supplementing, or enhancing any office environment.

As with all CoreDial solutions, CoreNexa 7.0 will be offered exclusively through the channel, giving partners a private-label or co-branded solution that allows partners to address customers’ constantly evolving needs.  In addition, the solution enables partners to provision all features and services from a single portal, simplifying onboarding, and giving partners the tools to channel to sell, deliver, manage, and invoice all communications services from an intuitive web interface.  It also positions partners well to compete aggressively in a competitive environment that now includes a number of newer OTT players.

As Rihm noted, CoreDials’s partners have a much harder time succeeding when those OTT providers can sell services to their customers, noting it’s like letting the fox into the henhouse.    With CoreNexa 7.0, CoreDial strengthens its partners’ position in the market by delivering a complete cloud-based business solution.

NexLine Communications, an MSP in Kingston, Pennsylvania, is an early adopter of CoreNexa 7.0.  According to Chris Casale, partner at NexLine, “CoreNexa 7.0 lets us go to clients with not just a UC solution, but a more comprehensive platform that includes rich video.  We’re calling the new features ‘Zoom meets Slack.’  It’s a true UCaaS offering, including voice as a service, that can help us scale with our end customers and expand into larger markets.”

There’s also the post-pandemic effect.  When businesses were forced to instantly switch to remote work models in March 2020, many tried to do it with their existing technology (including just using call forwarding to mobile phones) or with whatever point solutions they could adopt at the moment.  For many, it was really just about taking the first solutions they could find.  Now, 15 months later, they realize they have an opportunity to do things better and are taking the time to seek out complete solutions that will enable them to succeed with today’s new workplace realities, which include remote work, mobility, video, collaboration, messaging – everything we’ve become accustomed to in the past year, while adding back the physical workplace.

“Now that the workforce has learned to adapt and be agile, businesses are looking for a better solution to help them achieve seamless communications, collaboration, and employee engagement,” added Rihm.  “CoreNexa 7.0 is not only optimized to address the challenges of today's modern workforce, but to provide a highly scalable and exciting path for long-term success with video and collaboration.”

For MSPs, it’s a compelling value proposition as they seek to increase their value to clients.  The ability to deliver a full communications suite that includes unified communications and collaboration as well as an integrated contact center solution, all delivered through the cloud and managed by the partners, builds a strong case.

“Instead of trying to sell siloed, single-purpose technology like so many of their competitors, our partners can now deliver a wide range of high-quality, margin-rich services from a unified interface,” Rihm said.  “The solution delivers tightly integrated communications and collaboration technology, which translates to superior employee engagement, customer experiences, and productivity across an entire end-user organization.  We expect CoreNexa 7.0 to be quickly embraced by partners looking to differentiate their offering in this fast-moving marketplace.”

Edited by Erik Linask
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