Massive Q4 Spike in Broadband Activity

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  March 04, 2022

Intuitively, one might assume internet usage increased quite a bit over the last two years. Remote activity became essential for business activity due to pandemic conditions. However, numerous businesses took extra steps to help employees, including productivity enhancements and communications resources, leading broadband usage to surge more than anyone expected

According to the latest OpenVault Broadband Insights report, average broadband activity went beyond half a terabyte for the first time ever in 4Q2021. As a comparison, the average broadband rate of 4Q17 was 202.6 GB, meaning rates jumped 165% in four years.

“Consumers have spoken through their use of the Internet,” the report said. “They are using applications that demand higher bandwidth and that rely on faster speeds and lower latency for an acceptable customer experience. It took about three years for bandwidth usage to double from 270 GB in 4Q18 to nearly 540 GB in 4Q21.”

OpenVault’s research found some other interesting statistics, especially regarding the shifting needs of digitally focused business customers. The report found nearly one in five (18%) broadband subscribers are now provisioned for speeds faster than 500 Mbps or faster. The amount of super power users (customers consuming 2TB or more) jumped to 2.65%, a 20 fold increase compared to 4Q17(.12%)

It’s clear the world is embracing a hybrid centric work culture, which will likely mean these numbers will continue to rise.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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