SpyCloud Tackles Digital Fraud

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  March 11, 2022

Cybersecurity solution developer SpyCloud announced the launch of Session Identity Protection, a new solution designed to offer warnings and protections against fraudulent user activity.

Even the most advanced security measures are unable to catch every threat, especially when criminals use bots or stolen information to appear legitimate. “Trusted User Fraud” is quickly becoming one of the most difficult forms of fraud to uncover, due to the difficulty of distinguishing human activity from automated programs.

“There are virtually no indicators that differentiate a legitimate user from a criminal using an anti-detect browser and stolen session cookie data. They look nearly identical, down to their geofenced IP, browser version, OS version, and even screen resolution,” said Jacob Wagh, Senior Product Manager,SpyCloud. “In some cases, analysis of SpyCloud's database of recaptured breach and botnet data shows stolen session cookie data indicating a risk of fraud before the credentials connected to an associated account have even been compromised.”

SpyCloud’s Session Identify Protection solution uses malware intelligence to confirm user identity, and determine if devices are compromised by malware. If suspicious activity is uncovered, users immediately receive a notification and can then stop cyberattacks before they progress.

Notable features of Session Identity Protection include:

  • Early malware infection warnings
  • The ability to validate/invalidate active sessions compromised by cookies, malware or bad actors.
  • High-value account protection from attackers using stolen cookies to mimic activity.
  • Flagging features to pinpoint accounts with compromised devices or suspicious behavior.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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