CSA Warns of Quantum Computing Risks with Countdown Clock

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  March 21, 2022

Quantum (News - Alert) computing is both an exciting and somewhat frightening concept. While enthusiasts are eager about the problem solving capabilities, many computer experts claim such a system would completely overpower any cybersecurity measures currently in use today.

Since quantum computing is in its infancy, some might think it's unnecessary to worry about the potential security problems that would arise once they become widely available. However, the Cloud Security Alliance believes this issue may arrive sooner than most expect.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently began a countdown clock to estimate when quantum computing may break existing cybersecurity infrastructure. The alliance introduced a page on its website as a constant reminder for cybersecurity experts to devise new strategies to prevent quantum computers from compromising digital systems.

Additionally, the CSA has published research papers, such as Preparing Enterprises for the Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Threats and Practical Preparations for the Post-Quantum World to offer strategies and suggestions for keeping digital business infrastructure protected once quantum computers are fully realized.

“The industry needs to be aware that this is a critical security issue both today and tomorrow. Today, data of long term value encrypted by traditional cryptography is already at risk to quantum. In the near future, any type of sensitive data will be at risk. There are solutions and the time is now to prepare for a quantum-safe future,” said Jim Reavis, co-founder and CEO, Cloud Security Alliance.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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