Cybersecurity a Top Concern with Digital Transformation Projects

By Stefania Viscusi  |  June 06, 2022

We’ve been hearing all about digital transformation and the need for businesses to move to the cloud for some time now. Over the last few years the move to all digital has accelerated. By 2025, global spending for transformational efforts is expected to reach $2.8 trillion. Despite all the benefits it provides, there is still fear about cybersecurity risks when everything is moved online.

Recent research from Opengear (News - Alert) found that most network engineers and CIOs think the security risks that can happen with digital transformations are still concerning. According to the research, 53% of network engineers and 52% of CIOs polled in the U.S., U.K, France, Germany, and Australia ranked cybersecurity among the list of their biggest risks.

Their worries are not unfounded. The number of cyberattacks on businesses is rising quickly and shows no signs of slowing.

“Through the pandemic, we have seen the importance of cybersecurity skyrocket for businesses as employees switch to working remotely and cyber-criminals ramp up their activity,” said Gary Marks, President of Opengear. “Forward-thinking businesses understand these challenges and the importance of investing more in security and ensuring it is woven more closely into the fabric of their networks and digital transformation efforts.”

To combat the troubles that come with security breaches, it’s important for businesses to acknowledge threats exist and to invest in the tools needed to protect them. When it comes to networks, advanced security plays a big role in shielding from these types of attacks. In fact, 70 percent of network engineers said security was important during a digital transformation and 31 percent said networking security was the biggest priority.

For decision makers, the role security plays in getting them to their new cloud-based working has also become important. The research found that over half (51%) of network engineers today are being pulled into the investment considerations as CIOs make digital transformation plans.

In fact, 41% of CIOs said cybersecurity was one of their organization’s most important investment priorities over the next year and 35% said it was the biggest investment they’d be making over the next five years.

Edited by Erik Linask
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