SoftIron Eliminates Complex Operation of Hybrid Cloud with HyperCloud

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  September 09, 2022

Many organizations today want to incorporate private clouds to augment their public cloud usage. However, most clouds are built with separate hardware and software at each layer, and IT teams take on a heavy burden. Clouds need to be maintained, operating systems need to be patched, and multiple vendors and technologies need to be dealt with.

Developing an innovative technology strategy for the past decade, SoftIron revealed HyperCloud Intelligent Cloud Fabric, a turnkey, fully integrated cloud fabric.

An intelligent cloud fabric reduces the complexity of operating a multi-site hybrid cloud by providing building blocks. Using those building blocks, the addition of more storage and/or compute resources become plug and play, and the result simplifies the architecting of a cloud.

"Building and running clouds today is overly complex as engineers battle to integrate disparate layers of technology into a resilient, performant and scalable solution," said Kenny Van Alstyne, chief technology officer for SoftIron. "It was time to architect a platform from the ground up, with the single task of making cloud consumable.”

HyperCloud is independent of public cloud vendors. Deployed in a matter of hours, the platform enables IT teams to build and operate multi-cloud infrastructures that operate with reliability, availability, elasticity and serviceability.

HyperCloud's modular nature, simplicity to add compute and storage resources and the out-of-the-box secure multi-tenancy capabilities enable the cloud fabric to be scaled up or down in time, eliminating over-provisioning and reducing financial outlay.

The platform's control plane provides native secure multi-tenancy capabilities with fine grain control over service definitions, quotas, access control and metering. The system reorganizes user services and data across the fabric to enable non-disruptive operations during updates, troubleshooting, hardware replacement or removal and expansion.

“Creating a complexity breakthrough required a totally new approach to deliver the first and only complete technology to be used specifically for building clouds,” said Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron. “HyperCloud realizes that goal and will forever change expectations of how clouds can and should be built."

HyperCloud eliminates the need for complex integration, configuration and troubleshooting between multiple vendors and technologies and makes deployment and ongoing operation possible by IT generalists.

Edited by Erik Linask