UK-based Campus Makes Extreme Upgrade

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  November 28, 2022

Students at any educational institution demand seamless and reliable connectivity at all times while on campus. It’s the norm today as modern curriculums require high-bandwidth and low latency networks. When you factor in the number of off-campus connections accessing school networks for a variety of teaching and learning and other needs, the demand on the network can become detrimental to performance. The thing is, campus network infrastructure sometimes isn’t up to par and do not meet those requirements.

U.K.-based City, University of London, established in 1894, is one of those institutions with an outdated wired network infrastructure. At least that was the case until Extreme came in with its cloud-driven Wi-Fi 6 wireless network. With Charterhouse, Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6 wireless network seamlessly integrates with wired infrastructures, enabling institutions like City, University of London to deliver reliable connectivity that students demand.

The deployment of a new Wi-Fi 6 wireless network provides seamless connectivity in high-density environments throughout the campus, such as a library or student center. This allows students to utilize the faster speeds and low latency to access educational platforms or stream videos without delay from anywhere on campus.

The new infrastructure includes the ExtremeCloud IQ platform, which simplifies network management and provides the IT team with full visibility and advanced analytics around network performance, usage and security. One benefit from the combination of ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine and ExtremeAnalytics is that the software allows the university to automate the provisioning of new devices, freeing up staff to focus on other tasks and projects.

The second benefit is that hyper-segmentation increases the university’s security posture by creating stealth networks that separate certain user and device groups to minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Analytics empower IT staff to troubleshoot and identify the causes of any issues, understand usage patterns to optimize application performance, leverage insights around foot traffic and identify operational efficiencies.

John Morrison, senior vice president of EMEA sales and services at Extreme said the “foundation for advanced, asynchronous learning of the future” is in place as the new solution makes it easier for IT teams to manage the network with better visibility to ultimately better understand the preferences of the student population. These things collectively drive greater operational efficiency across the IT team and deliver a better network experience throughout the entire campus.

Edited by Erik Linask
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