Green AI Cloud Accelerates Sustainable AI Innovation with Cerebras CS-2

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  December 27, 2022

AI changes how industries operate. Warehouses use AI-powered robots for sorting and packaging products in warehouses, and AI algorithms are used to find the quickest shipment route and support the last-mile delivery. In the healthcare industry, AI is used in data mining and for carrying out accurate diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

But, as with most things, challenges arise. AI is no different. For one, more AI activity puts a burden on electricity supplies and the environment, fueling an escalating CO2 footprint.

Cloud service provider Green AI Cloud uses renewable energy in its data center placed in the north of Sweden and converts the excess heat from operations into a heated liquid for industrial product manufacturing – resulting in a negative CO2 footprint. Localization in Sweden also means companies avoid sending data outside the EU, abiding by the Schrems II EU legislation requirement.

To add to those capabilities, with its Cerebras partnership, Green AI is offering the CS-2 system. This allows customers to train generative transformer-class models such as GPT-J, GPT-3 and GPT-NeoX with the promise of equivalent carbon offsets through Green AI’s sustainable and “carbon-intelligent” cloud.

The CS-2 is easily installed into a standard datacenter infrastructure. The CS-2, powered by the 850,000 AI core WSE processor, uses standards-based power and network connections to seamlessly integrate into existing systems. Simply plug in the CS-2 and a 100 gigabyte ethernet switch to start accelerating AI workloads.

A cloud provider based in the EU, such as Green AI Cloud, enables customers across the EU to benefit from Cerebras’ AI compute and stay within the data privacy structures. Customers across segments, from pharmaceutical to finance services and energy to heavy manufacturing have push-button access to the Cerebras CS-2 system that is used by the day, week or month.

“Cerebras is committed to delivering AI compute – via cloud, on premise or hybrid – to our customers around the world in the most environmentally efficient way possible,” said Andrew Feldman, co-founder and CEO, Cerebras. “It was an obvious choice to partner with and deliver AI compute to the Green AI Cloud.”

Green AI Cloud and Cerebras are driving AI innovation in an easy-to-use solution for AI and machine learning applications, data science and simulation workloads while sticking to Green AI Cloud’s mission to drive the next era of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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