Remote.It Releases Programmatic Deployment of Zero Trust Networks

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  January 26, 2023

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity philosophy or framework that can be overwhelming to some. It also does not help when vendors claim they are zero trust when in reality, they are not.

Remote.It is a fundamental technology that helps with Zero Trust Network Access best practices. Its networking platform enables companies to connect their public cloud environments and systems with each other, in addition to automating most of the manual tasks involved in the process.

Organizations can centrally manage users, device, and services from one management console granting and removing access based on users.

Further building on those capabilities, Remote.It’s SaaS (News - Alert)-based network management service is updated to include direct support for Docker containers, programmatic deployment of zero trust networks and native support of Okta authentication. The capabilities within the network management service are installed by adding a line of code.

With the update, companies have the option to restrict employees’ access to specific systems required for them to do their tasks instead of the whole subnet. Doing this limits the areas that hackers likely infiltrate if they manage to steal a user's login credentials.

The feature also is made applicable to software containers. This one-line deployment script allows zero trust access to the container service to be deployed simultaneously with the container. A standalone Remote.It container can also be deployed within an existing cluster to immediately retrofit zero trust access to existing infrastructure.

Unlike legacy VPN solutions that provide access directly to a full subnet range and are susceptible to lateral attack, Remote.It connectivity is bound to single services ensuring a true zero trust connection. In addition to the Remote.It app, Remote.It for containers is available at Docker Hub.

“With our latest release with a single line of code, users can programmatically deploy zero trust access to their authenticated users, simultaneously with their compute resources," said Remote.It Co-Founder and CEO Ryo Koyama.

The update allows DevOps and IT teams to programmatically deploy secure access to services across cloud, on-premise and IoT networks, while simultaneously eliminating external attack surfaces.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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