Operators, Need to Simplify Deployment of Telecom Network Services? Look at Ribbon

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 01, 2023

Mobile and fixed network operators need to continue to invest in network transformation. Think about it. New services must be easier to introduce if operators want to retain current customers and bring in new customers.

On their network transformation journey, cloud-native is the next step for many service providers.  Network functions are already transitioning from being implemented on physical appliances, to software-only instances on virtual machines, to now becoming cloud-native network functions implemented as microservices deployed in containers and managed by automated cloud-native operations.

Ribbon, a provider of real-time communications technology and IP optical networking solutions, has an answer to this with its Telco Cloud software portfolio. The portfolio is designed to work across hybrid environments and enable network transformation at the right pace for each service provider and for each specific network function, according to Ribbon.

That said, Ribbon announced new additions to its Telco Cloud portfolio. Its Core SBC, PSX and RAMP are now deployed in a containerized, cloud-native environment.

Session Border Controller Cloud Native edition, or SBC CNe, delivers security for real-time communications, reducing the cost and complexity of securely connecting a broad range of VoIP, VoLTE (4G) and VoNR (5G) services.

Policy and Routing Server Cloud Native edition, or PSX CNe, a standards-based, multi-protocol solution, delivers intelligent policy and routing decisions for VoIP/VoLTE/VoNR services on SBCs, media gateways and call controllers.

Ribbon Application Management Platform, or RAMP, provides a full range of features and functionality to manage the SBC CNe and PSX CNe, and is itself deployable within a cloud-native environment.

The latest additions are designed to deliver significantly reduced deployment costs and increased resiliency, while leveraging existing tools and employee skill sets for additional efficiencies. With cloud native architecture and design principles at their core, these solutions also position networks for 5G.

Additionally, Ribbon Automation (a set of cloud native operational processes) helps minimize time to market by integrating into operators' deployment frameworks to further simplify and streamline operations.

Sam Bucci, Chief Operating Officer at Ribbon, spoke on why these additions are important for Ribbon and network operators.

"Ribbon is unwaveringly focused on enabling network operators to leverage new technologies for increased capabilities, simplified ease of use and reduced operational cost, and cloud native deployments are the latest step in that evolution," Bucci said.

Edited by Alex Passett
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