Winning Teams in Telco: and Snowflake Partner to Bring the Telecom Data Cloud to Life

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  March 17, 2023

Let’s whip up a little AI-cloud-telco cocktail today.

AI and cloud software company believes in the democratization of AI as a movement; one that is collectively driven by like-minded experts to rapidly solve business problems with world-class AI models. The team at has, since 2011, strived to make AI fast, easy to use, and cost-effective.

Cloud and data platform company Snowflake, in less than a decade, has worked determinedly to change how businesses store and analyze enormous amounts of valuable data. By enabling governed access to near-infinite amounts of data and today’s cutting-edge services, Snowflake makes collaboration – locally and globally – much easier.

Now, let’s stir these ingredients together, shall we?

In late February, officially announced the launch of its automated machine learning (ML) tool as a pre-built solution for Snowflake’s Telecom Data Cloud. The Telecom Data Cloud helps the telco industry break down data silos. Why? To allow organizations to easily and securely access a wealth of data in near real-time, then enrich it with ML models before analyzing and sharing it to drive better long-term decisions and outcomes.

With these pieces of the puzzle having come together for the Telecom Data Cloud, Snowflake and its partner ecosystem can help telco service providers step up their digital transformations, create better customer experiences, maximize operational efficiencies, and – to sustain all of this – the monetization of new data services.

Here’s the long-story-short of how it’ll work: Joint customers can now access pre-built applications within Snowflake’s Telecom Data Cloud for leveraging industry-specific solutions, anticipating customer churn, boosting retention, reducing time-to-value, and increasing overall impact for the long haul.’s teams break down barriers that hold back AI’s everyday potential. can also segment and score an entire customer base or even model daily granularity for individual customers. Models, then, are built quickly, yielding results in mere minutes to supplement Snowflake’s technologies.

“This is true industry transfiguration,” said Sri Ambati, founder and CEO of “It requires a culture shift where there are fewer singular heroes and, quite frankly, more winning teams. And a key to more winning teams is what we happen to make reality: accessible AI that is powerful, and AI that unlocks collaboration, creativity, and real interdisciplinary understanding.”

Phil Kippen, Telecom Global Head of Industry at Snowflake, sees the massive scope of this, as well. “It will take an ecosystem of boundary-pushing technologies to maximize the telecom industry’s deep potential for innovation,” Kippen said. “With that in mind, each partner for Snowflake’s Telecom Data Cloud was chosen with the highest regard for that mission. is no exception.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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