New Relic's Observability Integration Empowers Engineers to Extract Value from GPT Applications

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 20, 2023

Those who closely follow pretty much anything tech-related these days often see the letters “GPT” pop up more than a few times while scrolling through news feeds. This has been the case for at least the past couple of months, as more users keep close eyes on GPT and embrace GPT tools.

Even big companies embrace GPT because it helps them automate tasks, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. GPTs are used to generate text, images and other types of content, which can be used for customer service, marketing and product development, for example.

To help companies better extract value from their GPT applications, New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced a machine learning (ML) operations capability that allows engineering teams to monitor applications built with OpenAI’s GPT Series APIs.

A little background on New Relic: New Relic empowers engineers with a data-driven approach to planning, building, deploying and running software. New Relic delivers a unified data platform that empowers engineers to get all telemetry — metrics, events, logs and traces — paired with full stack analysis tools to help engineers do their best work with data, not opinions.

So, this new integration allows New Relic to ingest raw OpenAI data and helps companies leverage the power of emerging technologies (like OpenAI’s ChatGPT) to accelerate innovation and business goals while balancing considerations to cost.

With just two lines of code, users can import the monitor module from the nr_openai_monitor library and automatically generate a dashboard that displays a variety of key GPT performance metrics. From there, engineering teams gain insight into the average response time and other key performance metrics around GPT requests, allowing engineers to optimize usage and ensure the best possible response times.

“We are making it so that any engineer using GPT APIs can easily monitor their cost and performance with easy set-up and at no cost,” said New Relic Chief Growth Officer and GM of Observability Manav Khurana. “This aligns with our mission to put the power of observability into the hands of every engineer.”

New Relic monitoring for OpenAI is easy to use and unlocks real-time metrics that can help engineering teams optimize usage, reduce costs, and achieve better results. The OpenAI GPT integration with New Relic is included at no additional cost to New Relic full platform users. New Relic supports current OpenAI GPT versions including GPT-4.

Edited by Alex Passett
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