Kubiya Gives DevOps Teams a Sigh of Relief with Generative AI Engine

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  April 27, 2023

DevOps teams – you know, the teams responsible for managing the entire software development life cycle while adapting to new tools, platforms and methodologies – they face heavy workloads. It makes sense, given the increasing complexity of modern software development processes, including cloud computing, containerization, and microservices architecture. And let’s not forget that a shortage of skilled professionals in the field has exacerbated the workload.

Knowing that, DevOps teams need help to lift some weight off their shoulders. And the answer to that?


ChatGPT is known to answer more complex questions that a simple search engine cannot. What most don’t know is that it can also write programming scripts and code, the things used to build basic applications. Definitely a tool that can be used to improve DevOps processes.

But is there a way for DevOps to integrate ChatGPT?

There is now thanks to Kubiya.ai, which introduced an AI-assistant for engineering platforms and knowledge management. Developed to streamline access to DevOps functions and answer questions from knowledge systems such as Notion, Confluence and technical documentation, the solution allows users to interact using everyday language, making complex tasks as easy as having a conversation.

The AI-powered editor, designed to be more efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional tools, enables DevOps and platform engineers to create and manage automations and workflows quickly and effectively. With its ability to handle multiple functions, the solution offers a more simplified approach to accessing DevOps functions and knowledge systems.

“For businesses looking to keep a technology edge in today’s fast-paced environment, there is no easy ‘off-ramp’ other than to continually invest in additional headcount,” said Amit Eyal Govrin, CEO of Kubiya.ai. “Kubiya offers a ‘cheat-code’ to operational efficiency, where we don’t just teach one person in the organization how to ‘fish’, we give the entire ‘village’ a ‘fishing net’ in this regard.”

So, more about Kubiya.ai: It is an AI tool designed for DevOps professionals that provides personalized, secure, and efficient recommendations to improve operations. It focuses on making things safe and well-organized while being easy to integrate into organizational processes.

Kubiya.ai's self-learning ability adapts to new scenarios based on user-specific data and feedback. It is a headless internal developer platform that lives within Slack, Teams and CLI, and it allows users to trigger various DevOps functions without leaving their preferred chat apps or mobile device.

Kubiya's existing customers have experienced a near-immediate impact with thousands of pre-built use cases that can be actioned through natural language, reducing time-to-value to minutes.

“Permissions and running various DevOps workflows consumed a lot of our engineering cycles, even more so for our vice president of engineering,” said DevZero CEO Debosmit Ray. “Implementing Kubiya reduced this time significantly and cut it down by half. Giving each team member the autonomy to run their workflows helped reduce impact from context-switching across the various teams.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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