Kroger Takes Extreme Measures to Streamline Store Operations

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  May 04, 2023

Let’s say a frequent shopper at a local store always uses the store's Wi-Fi network to access their shopping list and coupons on their phone while they browse. However, during a recent visit, the shopper noticed that the Wi-Fi was not working properly.

So, they do what most customers would do, which is to try to connect to the Wi-Fi network several times and ask a store employee for help, but they were not able to fix the issue. As a result, the customer had to navigate the store without access to their shopping list or coupons. They also had trouble checking prices on certain items and were unable to use Kroger's app to scan items for additional savings.

Then, during checkout, the customer could not use the self-checkout machines because the machines could not connect to the network. Other customers were also frustrated because they were unable to access Kroger's website to place online orders for home delivery or pickup.

This experience leaves a bad taste in any customer’s mouth to the point where they might consider shopping at a different store in the future, i.e. where the Wi-Fi is reliable and always working. And employees become frustrated too, because they are unable to assist customers as best as they would like to.

Although this is only a hypothetical scenario, it does highlight how a malfunctioning Wi-Fi network can negatively impact the customer experience at any store. That is why Kroger plans to stay ahead and fail-proof its network by getting Extreme to help streamline store operations and drive impactful, engaging in-store experiences.

Extreme Networks (News - Alert) plans to deploy ExtremeCloud IQ cloud management and Wi-Fi 6E access points across Kroger locations. The move aims to enhance the reliability of critical software applications and boost the performance of IoT devices through increased network capacity and infrastructure.

Retailers and grocers benefit from Extreme's Wi-Fi 6E solutions because it provides optimized experiences for customers and associates, including services such as "scan-as-you-go" as well as inventory location and temperature-sensing applications.

Additionally, the deployment of ExtremeCloud IQ provides Kroger with other features. ExtremeCloud IQ offers network monitoring and analytics, policy-based configuration management and automated troubleshooting. It enables administrators to monitor network performance, identify issues, and take corrective actions to ensure optimal network performance.

“Extreme’s differentiator is helping customers establish the network as a profit center, not a cost center,” said Norman Rice, the chief operating officer at Extreme. “In retail and grocery specifically, we help customers unlock significant value from their network investment by leveraging network intelligence and leaning into automation to improve the in-store experience, streamline operations and drive associate productivity.”

With the implementation of Extreme's solutions, Kroger improves its operations and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring seamless connectivity and high-performance networking capabilities.

Edited by Alex Passett
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