Boost Software Delivery Quality and Security with's AI-Driven DevOps Platform

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  May 04, 2023

DevOps professionals are urging organizations to incorporate DevSecOps and AI-augmented software delivery capabilities into their software development processes. The reasons for incorporating these practices include delivering more secure and higher-quality applications that customers trust, as well as boosting efficiency and intelligence across the entire platform.

DevSecOps ensures that security concerns are addressed early in the process and continuously throughout the delivery lifecycle.

As for AI, it helps automate and streamline certain aspects of the software delivery process, such as testing and deployment (which can improve efficiency and speed up the delivery of software). By leveraging AI, organizations gain deeper insights into their software delivery processes and identify areas for improvement.

To provide an open DevOps platform built for the enterprise and to deliver targeted solutions that support the complexity and scale of even some of the larger organizations, has unveiled Corbett, the latest release of its leading AI-powered DevOps platform.

Corbett comes with upgraded intelligence capabilities that allow teams and organizations to make the most of AI's potential for delivering high-quality software. also improved Corbett's data integration and centralization capabilities, enabling teams to avoid siloed analytics and reports. This is made possible by the integration of products and third-party software tools throughout the software development process, from development to production.

Another feature of Corbett is persona-based dashboards. The purpose of these dashboards is to enable teams to analyze historical data for each stage of application development and delivery, while providing KPIs that focus on team and process efficiencies, as well as risk reduction. Corbett's existing predictive intelligence capabilities, which use machine learning (ML) to help organizations evaluate alternatives, manage tradeoffs, and drive decisions in a more predictive manner, are augmented by these enhancements.

Other key enhancements include:

  • Improved jailbreak bypass detection: Automatically detect the newest bypasses. This allows companies to frustrate more attackers by preventing more jailbreaks.
  • Release manager and platform engineer intelligence: Organizations reduce risk by analyzing release dependencies and success trends to better identify why releases might fail.
  • Portfolio teams forecasting: A new interactive feature that provides available capacity with what-if scenarios to calculate capacity for teams over time, enabling organizations to better plan their work.
  • Integrate security checks into release pipelines for better governance: Organizations automatically check whether a graded list of protections is successfully applied to a mobile application by leveraging a new integration with OPA.
  • Increase team velocity with cloud-native self-service app onboarding: Teams easily onboard and deploy cloud-native applications while maintaining governance standards across multi-cloud environments.
  • Increase efficiency and scale with Integration Framework SDK: Organizations leverage the power of Kubernetes to quickly build integrations using their preferred language like Python and Go with a new open SDK.

“As the pace of AI-based innovation continues to accelerate, we are harnessing the power of AI to unlock value not just for individuals, but for teams and organizations,” said Derek Holt, CEO of “With the Corbett release, we take another big step forward as we deliver all new versions of our market-leading offerings and enhance the role of data, ML and AI within software development and delivery.”

And customers are talking about’s offerings. The collaboration between Financial Services Center and, for example, is revolutionizing how the Department of Veterans Affairs offers healthcare and benefits to millions of veterans and their loved ones. Through's solutions, FSC provides essential assistance during their critical digital transformation.

Jilee Rich, Product Management Office Director, FSC, Department of Veterans Affair, says that this collaboration resulted “enabled automation of 40 percent of our deployments, more efficient PI planning, increased visibility to product roadmaps - as well as helped eliminate technical debt."

This achievement is possible due to's valuable contributions and support to the FSC.

Edited by Alex Passett
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