Jasper Everywhere: Jasper AI is Now in the Google Cloud Marketplace

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  May 23, 2023

When I first covered artificial intelligence platform Jasper AI, its teams had just debuted Jasper Chat, aka a powerful chatbot for content creators. Though I admit, while Jasper Chat news is by no means ancient history, it’s mind-blowing (speaking for myself, at the very least) how much in general has been iterated upon and radically improved in the world of AI since then. 

Now, Jasper has once again made headlines. This time, by announcing a strengthening of its existing partnership with Google (News - Alert) Cloud.

Here’s the long-story-short of it:

  • The Jasper Chrome Extension is available now. Once users add it to their Chrome browsers like any other easy-to-dive-into extension (and confirm which email to link it to), that’s it. Generative AI writing assistant Jasper is there in the form of Jasper Everywhere.
  • This next-best-step for Jasper and Google adds another foundation model to Jasper’s AI Engine with Google’s Vertex (News - Alert) AI.

This really is big, in terms of accessibility. For instance, take a Jasper competitor, aka the basically world-famous ChatGPT. Some AI users may find it difficult (or a multi-step process, at a minimum,) to go to OpenAI’s site, sign up for ChatGPT, and either opt for the free-to-use version or subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for GPT-4 access, web browsing capabilities, etc.

With Jasper and Google, as described above, it’s basically two or three clicks and you’re in. I literally tested this myself while writing this article (as I’ve used Jasper AI before, but needed a refresher). It took what felt like two seconds, and I had my Jasper Dashboard  ready for use. (i.e. with a Jasper Everywhere sidebar for ongoing campaigns, recent content, templates, and more)

With how accessible this is, it makes sense why it’s streamlining processes for creators. No second (or third) website navigation; instead, the instant familiarly millions of users have with accessing licenses through Google. (For whom this is clearly a smart choice, given this is more direct interaction by meeting users where they already are, reducing friction in using AI tools with the Jasper-is-right-here point and click.)

"Generative AI innovations from our Google Cloud ecosystem can transform many of the common tasks people perform every day,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. "Google Vertex AI's foundation models and Google Cloud's infrastructure will enable Jasper's patented AI engine to drive deeper personalization and on-brand AI writing assistance to our shared customers worldwide."

Looking to give this creative AI sidekick a whirl? Check out Jasper’s Chrome Extension here via a free trial.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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