Newgen Launches OmniXtract 4.0, Streamlines Intelligent Data Extraction from Documents

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  June 02, 2023

Newgen, provider of a unified digital transformation platform with cloud-native process automation, content services and communication management capabilities, is known for its low-code application development resources for automating all types of business needs. With Newgen, per the provider itself, “rapidly compose your complex, mission-critical solutions with enterprise-grade sturdiness and pre-built templates, bridge silos, boost time-to-market strategies and deploy both securely and effortlessly.”

From onboarding to service requests, from lending to underwriting and a cavalcade of additional use cases, Newgen helps organizations scale in HR, finance and accounting, insurance, retail and consumer lending, healthcare and government to stay hip with the digital age.

(Perhaps that very last part was worded more casually. You catch my drift, readers.)

Newgen launched its OmniXtract 4.0, an upgraded version of its intelligence document extraction software. This upgrade is big, as it supports teams more smoothly automating the processing of unstructured documents. This reduces manual labor and improves data quality and organizations’ data-driven, decision-making capacities.

The long story short? The latest from Newgen delivers high extraction accuracy with an enhanced UI and a microservices-based architecture. It makes taking meaningful data from digital documents easier. (i.e. from PDFs, Word, Excel, RTF, etc.)

Here’s a more in-depth look at what OmniXtract 4.0 enables:

  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based models, along with user-defined templates.
  • Its new web-based collaborative studio allows users to set rules for extraction, making extensive tracking and auditing capabilities simpler. Concurrent multi-user support puts more hands on deck, productivity-wise.
  • A real-time system monitoring dashboard provides snapshots of active users and definitions to keep track of key system metrics.
  • With intuitive access control, rights management for governing access to each software module is straightforward for each team member’s role.

"Today, the volume of documents continues to skyrocket,” said Varun Goswami, Vice President of Product Management at Newgen. “This presents the significant hurdles that often stand in the way of enterprises that seek crucial document insights. But with the latest version of OmniXtract and its AI/ML, automating document-centric workflows is well within reach. Then, enterprises can streamline operations and really accelerate their important digital initiatives.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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