Verizon Undergoes Task to Modernize USPS Customer Support Infrastructure

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  June 02, 2023

Meeting the demand for immediate support requires businesses to optimize their customer service processes and leverage advanced technologies. Traditional methods like phone calls or email responses may not suffice in delivering prompt assistance to one's customer base.

To cater to such personalized support, businesses must understand the unique preferences, needs and expectations of each customer. This entails collecting and analyzing customer data to gain insights into their behaviors, purchase history, and communication preferences. Armed with this information, companies create tailored experiences by personalizing interactions, recommending relevant products or services, and addressing individual concerns effectively.

However, providing immediate and personalized support to tens of millions of customers poses a more considerable challenge. This is the challenge the U.S. Postal Service is faced with.

Well, they don’t have to do it alone anymore.

Verizon has announced a 10-year contract valued at up to $145,700,000 with the USPS that further solidifies Verizon (News - Alert)'s position as the USPS' primary strategic contact center and customer experience partner.

Building on the 25-year partnership between the two parties, Verizon will initiate various infrastructure upgrades, including the transition to cloud solutions. These cloud solutions will be backed by real-time reporting, monitoring, and administration capabilities, ensuring seamless operations.

Verizon will also implement ongoing enhancements to the physical infrastructure, encompassing host servers, storage arrays, and other essential equipment. By leveraging Verizon's solutions, the USPS (News - Alert) will no longer require on-site infrastructure, software licenses or hardware, reducing the burden on their IT personnel and driving down operational costs.

The advanced technology solutions offered by Verizon will establish an agile, robust, scalable and flexible infrastructure, delivering substantial business value in the short term while strategically preparing USPS for the future. Verizon will provide extensive support for 80 million annual interactions across 10 business units, with 4,500 contact center agents benefiting from Verizon's solutions.

“Working with our USPS partners, Verizon will bring our Network as a Service offering to life, making their customer service network smarter and to make the customer support systems run more efficiently,” said Maggie Hallbach, Senior Vice President of Verizon Public Sector and President of Verizon Frontline. “Our digital solutions will relieve some of the administrative burden so USPS can focus on providing an invaluable service for our country.”

Additionally, the migration to the new cloud platform will expedite the USPS' integration of AI capabilities, revolutionizing customer satisfaction by providing more intelligent and high-quality responses to inquiries. Verizon's expertise will support USPS in transitioning to a multichannel platform that accommodates various communication channels such as email, SMS and chat, among others.

The USPS is now poised to deliver an enhanced customer experience and revolutionize its infrastructure, setting the stage for increased efficiency, cost savings and strategic readiness for the evolving future of the postal service.

Edited by Alex Passett
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