A Team-Up for Cloud Efficiencies: Zesty and skyPurple Help Enterprises Save on Costs

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  June 06, 2023

Here’s the long story short, right out of the gate: Zesty and skyPurple Cloud are companies that provide flexible, secure solutions for optimizing and managing cloud infrastructure.

Now, details on the companies themselves, as well as the reason behind this coverage:

Zesty was founded in 2019 with a mission to “make cloud infrastructure more dynamic and adaptable to changing business needs.” Zesty offers solutions for compute, block storage and Kubernetes, and its technology automatically scales resources in real time to meet application demands. On the whole, this helps organizations’ DevOps teams reduce cloud costs, maintain app performance, and minimize the hassle of managing infrastructure.

Founded in 2017, skyPurple Cloud has provided “bespoke cloud solutions tailored to overcome challenges in public cloud implementations” ever since. SkyPurple Cloud specializes in security, optimization and automation of cloud operations in order to drive sustainable growth. The skyPurple Cloud team is, according to one of its expert representatives, “adept at handling intricate cloud architectures and navigating ML and serverless technologies.” Its founders include IT infrastructure experts from the pharmaceutical industry, as fate would have it; this equips skyPurple Cloud with strong understandings of data security requirements, compliance regulations, and needs to provide dependable, cost-effective solutions.

And last week, Zesty and skyPurple Cloud officially announced their partnership that has already reduced average monthly EC2 Linux On-Demand costs on AWS by 44% for skyPurple Cloud customers.

Within the first month of implementation, customers noticed a substantial increase in service quotas for Amazon EC2 instances; this saved considerable hours and money, as Zesty's technology automatically handled quota requests on customers’ behalf.

And while percentages like that certainly speak for themselves, here’s what this team-up’s partners had to say.

"Particularly during such a challenging time for so many, skyPurple Cloud understands how crucial it is for businesses to maintain performance and reduce costs," said Maxim Melamedov, co-founder and CEO of Zesty. "Companies are no longer able to ignore overspending and settle for suboptimal rates for their cloud resources. EC2 instances quickly become very expensive to run and companies must ensure that more of their workloads are covered by discount programs that will dramatically push down this cost premium. We're thrilled that skyPurple Cloud is helping its customers to stay cost-efficient by implementing Zesty."

And per Roy Long, skyPurple Cloud’s founder:

“At skyPurple Cloud, we know the substantial value automation tools hold for companies when it comes to optimally managing cloud infrastructure and the costs that come with it. Zesty is the gift these companies have been waiting for – delivering cost savings in just a few days and significantly decreasing monthly AWS bills."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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