Axcient and ConnectWise Team Up for Seamless Data Management

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  June 14, 2023

MSPs, as most are aware of, play an important role in helping businesses ensure the continuity of their operations and minimize the impact of potential disasters or disruptions. Among its service offerings, business continuity and disaster recovery (or BCDR) management is of vital importance.

Equally important is simplifying BCDR management for MSPs.

Firstly, it improves operational efficiency by streamlining BCDR processes and tools, allowing MSPs to handle more clients and systems effectively. This scalability is essential as MSPs grow their client base.

Secondly, simplification enables standardization of BCDR procedures across clients, ensuring consistent and reliable services. It also helps reduce costs through resource optimization and automation, leading to better cost-effectiveness for MSPs.

Additionally, simplified BCDR management enhances the client experience by providing faster response times, quicker recovery, and reduced downtime during disruptions. It also aids in regulatory compliance and enables easier monitoring, auditing, and reporting, ensuring adherence to industry standards for data protection and recovery.

In a move that aims to simplify BCDR management for MSPs, Axcient, a provider of business availability software, announced the integration of Axcient (News - Alert) x360Recover BCDR with ConnectWise RMM.

Axcient has a history of providing MSPs with reliable and easy-to-manage data protection solutions, and the company continues to evolve its offerings to meet the changing needs of the IT industry. The integration of Axcient x360Recover with ConnectWise (News - Alert) RMM allows MSPs to consolidate their BCDR management through a single dashboard.

"MSPs can consolidate their BCDR management through their ConnectWise RMM dashboard, and customers of the ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup service can simplify their operations with the option of appliance- or cloud-based BCDR from a single vendor,” said Rod Mathews, CEO at Axcient. “This strategic integration is a win for partners and the entire IT channel."

As Mathews hinted at, this integration brings several benefits to MSPs and their clients. MSPs can now access their Axcient BCDR tools directly from the ConnectWise RMM dashboard, ensuring they stay updated on alerts and system health. Also with the dashboard, MSPs view and monitor alerts, verify backups, manage recoveries and respond to tickets. This streamlines their operations and enhances efficiency.

Additionally, the ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup service (supported by the ConnectWise Network Operations Center) allows MSPs to offload the complexity of BCDR management and leverage the expertise of ConnectWise's NOC (News - Alert) services. This results in significant cost and time savings for MSPs, eliminating up to 90% of the expenses associated with BCDR (while also offering growth opportunities through the ConnectWise partner program).

The ability to provide fully managed backup, whether appliance-based or direct-to-cloud with Axcient x360Recover, is a key feature of the ConnectWise Co-Managed Backup service. With ConnectWise's NOC services and expertise, MSPs can delegate backup and disaster recovery tasks, including planning, deployment, management, testing, support, and disaster recovery, allowing them to focus on core business operations.

“MSPs can get an integrated view of backup solutions across multiple clients for better monitoring and management, and our NOC services provide the expertise to offload most of the labor associated with backup and disaster recovery tasks,” said Ameer Karim (News - Alert), EVP and GM, Unified Monitoring and Management, ConnectWise.

It should also be noted that the integration not only streamlines operations, but presents growth opportunities for MSPs, too. By strengthening the integrations within their technology stack, MSPs can enhance efficiency, reduce overhead costs, achieve faster recovery times, minimize downtime, improve profit margins, and increase customer satisfaction. Co-Managed Backup service customers also can accrue market development funds through the ConnectWise partner program, which offers marketing concierge services and joint events.

“The Axcient ConnectWise integration will give us better visibility into the management of our client operations, and Co-Managed Backup strengthens our ability to provide top-notch security without requiring us to add staff in house,” said Robert Cioffi, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder at Progressive Computing.

The integration of Axcient x360Recover BCDR with ConnectWise RMM reinforces Axcient and ConnectWise’s commitment to supporting MSPs and the IT channel, ensuring that businesses continue to operate seamlessly, even in the face of unexpected events.

Edited by Alex Passett
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