HCLTech and Google Cloud Propel Generative AI Innovation and Adoption

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  June 26, 2023

Traditionally, creative processes such as design, content creation and ideation required considerable human effort and time. However, generative AI stands poised to transform these processes by automating and streamlining creative tasks.

By augmenting human creativity, generative AI assists in generating ideas, designs and content, reducing time and effort. This acceleration of creative processes holds immense potential for industries such as marketing, advertising, design and content creation, paving the way for increased productivity and efficiency.

Enterprises recognize the potential of generative AI and are set to seize the opportunity to double down on their digital transformation strategies. With that, HCLTech and Google Cloud expanded their strategic partnership to help enterprises leverage generative AI and develop joint solutions powered by Google (News - Alert) Cloud’s generative AI technologies.

HCLTech, a global technology company, leverages Google Cloud's LLMs to develop generative AI capabilities for its clients across key domains. With a focus on industries, enterprise functions, innovation and technology modernization, HCLTech aims to unlock the potential of generative AI by utilizing Google Cloud's suite of enterprise generative AI products and services.

By utilizing Google Cloud's offerings, including Vertex (News - Alert) AI, Generative AI Studio, Model Garden and Generative AI App Builder, along with the underlying LLMs, HCLTech's AI platforms and solutions will deliver improved generative AI experiences for its clients. These technologies empower businesses to reimagine processes, drive efficiency and achieve breakthrough outcomes.

  • Vertex AI is a comprehensive machine learning platform offered by Google Cloud that provides a unified and intuitive interface for developing, deploying and managing ML models. 
  • Generative AI Studio is a component of Google Cloud's suite of enterprise generative AI products and services. It enables businesses to explore the realm of generative AI by providing a collaborative environment for designing and generating new and unique content such as images, text, music and videos.
  • Model Garden is a collection of pre-trained models, libraries and tools designed to support and accelerate the development of machine learning models.
  • Generative AI App Builder enables organizations to build interactive and personalized applications that generate dynamic content based on user inputs or specific contexts.

HCLTech also plans to establish the Google Cloud Generative AI Center of Excellence. This dedicated center will drive the collaborative development of joint solutions, enabling clients to harness the value of their data and fully leverage the capabilities of generative AI. Drawing from the AI expertise ingrained within HCLTech Cloud Native Labs in London, Dallas, and Noida, India, the GenAI CoE will serve as a hub for innovation and advancement in generative AI.

Additionally, HCLSoftware, a provider of enterprise software solutions, is embarking on its own digital transformation journey by embracing Google Cloud's suite of tools. HCLSoftware plans to adopt Google Workspace, Duet AI for Google Workspace and Developers, while also deploying Vertex AI to enhance customer success and support for its esteemed clientele.

“Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize a wide variety of business processes and even transform entire industries,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president, global partner ecosystem and channels, Google Cloud. “These new investments and resources from HCLTech will help enterprises more quickly implement, scale and capture value from generative AI and help them transform their businesses in bold and responsible ways.”

HCLTech continues to help clients accelerate their digital transformations by bringing Google Cloud’s technologies to large-scale organizations around the world, helping “enterprises accelerate responsible adoption of GenAI,” said Kalyan Kumar, chief technology officer and head, ecosystems, HCLTech.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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