Lemonade Embraces Talon's Enterprise Browser for Enhanced Security Capabilities

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  July 16, 2023

Having to deal with insurance companies is not the thing people typically put at the top of their bucket list, as it can often come with stress and frustration. It’s not like a glass of lemonade that refreshes us, especially during the heat of summer.

Speaking of lemonade and insurance companies, Lemonade prides itself on its ability to make life easier for its customers. The technology-driven insurance company offers renters, homeowners, pet and term life insurance policies by using AI and bots to simplify and speed up the insurance process.

Lemonade's business model differs from traditional insurance companies in terms of how it handles premiums and claims. When a customer pays their premium, Lemonade retains a flat fee for its operations, and the remaining funds are pooled into a claims pool. If there are surplus funds left in the pool at the end of the year, Lemonade donates them to charitable causes selected by customers during the signup process. This approach, called "Giveback," sets Lemonade apart from the profit-driven model of many traditional insurers.

And it is because of that model that Lemonde has seen growth, especially since the acquisition of car insurance provider Metromile. While growth is great for any company, it also means a complex, distributed workforce and business integration efforts. Lemonade may collaborate with external partners to support its business and expand its operations. These partners might utilize unmanaged devices, which could pose security risks

This prompted Lemonade to simplify its security stack by deploying the Talon Enterprise Browser.

“We needed a technology that was easy to use, did not change how our users work and would give us the enhanced protection we were looking for,” said Jonathan Jaffe, Chief Information Security Officer, Lemonade.

Talon's Enterprise Browser offers a simplified and enhanced security solution that enables organizations to secure users across any location and device. With Talon, security teams can effectively monitor and manage browser and web activities, including safeguards against screenshots, copy-and-paste actions, downloads and uploads, and robust security features such as authentication, data loss prevention, and Zero Trust controls.

Built on the Chromium platform, Talon's Enterprise Browser significantly reduces the complexity and cost of security programs while prioritizing end-user privacy and delivering exceptional user experiences.

“We can secure any user across the organization, irrespective of the type of device used,” said Jaffe. “This allows us to onboard more people, more quickly, and simplify the process. With Talon, we can improve onboarding in a way that prioritizes security.”

By implementing Talon's non-intrusive browser on these devices, Lemonade's security team gains crucial visibility and control, ensuring the organization's security extends to these users.

Edited by Alex Passett
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