Laminar Sets a New Standard for Data Security in Multi-Cloud and SaaS

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  July 24, 2023

Data security and governance professionals need agile data security solutions that automatically scale with their businesses in order to combat the growing divergence between the dynamic and growing activities that contribute to innovation. (While also, notably, fighting the lagging data security efforts intended to protect businesses — that are becoming increasingly insufficient.)

At the core of that agile data security lies cloud-native data discovery and classification, a crucial process that identifies known and unknown, or "shadow," data, a.k.a. often a byproduct of rapid innovation and data-driven decision-making. Such data exists outside the purview of an organization’s central data governance policies and is vulnerable to unauthorized access and misuse. This means that it is important to extend data security measures to find and protect shadow data in SaaS (News - Alert) applications to ensure comprehensive data protection.

“Protecting data in the cloud requires different tools than are used to protect on-premises data, and organizations need a purpose-built cloud data security solution,” said Jack Poller, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (News - Alert).

The thing is, there hasn't really been a solution that integrates the five elements of an agile platform architecture for a complete data security solution – data landscape intelligence, data security posture management, data access governance (DAG), data detection and response (DDR), and privacy and compliance.

Until now.

Laminar, an agile data security platform provider, announced new DAG and DDR functions to its Laminar Data Security Platform, integrating all critical data security functions. This integrated design by Laminar provides more accurate detection, comprehensively protects data and streamlines remediation.

Laminar DAG ensures that only approved entities and roles have access to the most sensitive data, regardless of where it resides, to minimize attack surface and reduce risks. Complementing infrastructure access and identity solutions, DAG analyzes access to the data element layer and lets security professionals visualize their most sensitive data and who has access to it, to easily understand and control risk from insiders or supply chain partners.

Laminar DDR provides constant monitoring of activity logs to spot anomalies and malicious indicators, detecting threats to sensitive data as they occur. Highly customizable filtering prevents noise to focus on the assets businesses care most about.

The new DAG and DDR services complement the following capabilities already existing in the Laminar Data Security Platform:

  • Data landscape intelligence: Provides a holistic view of asset and data inventory with contextual intelligence from autonomous discovery and classification of all known and unknown cloud data.
  • Data security posture management: Enforces policies and safeguards sensitive data with risk-based prioritization, enabling organizations to focus on what matters most.
  • Privacy and compliance: Ensures data security practices align with regulations and standards to streamline audits, avoid fines and reduce audit costs.

“Our new DAG and DDR features make our platform the reference model for achieving agile data security in the cloud. All five components work in conjunction to deliver a unified, streamlined experience,” said Amit Shaked, CEO and co-founder, Laminar.

Edited by Alex Passett
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