BreachRx Introduces Cyber RegScout, Reinventing Cyber Regulatory Analysis and Breach Prevention

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  August 02, 2023

“Breaches shouldn’t end businesses.”

Despite this being a fair statement of fact, breaches in cybersecurity continue to ravage businesses. One recent IBM report stated that:

  • The global average cost of a data breach is about $4.45 million, representing a 15% increase since 2020.
  • 51% of organizations are currently planning to increase security investments as a result of increasing breaches, including their incident response (IR) planning and employee training, threat detection, etc.
  • The average savings for organizations that invest in extensive security is roughly $1.76 million (compared to organizations that don’t).

This brings us to the vision of another company:


BreachRx was founded because, as stated, breaches shouldn’t end businesses. In 2023, it shouldn’t matter whether it’s an SMB or a global corporation; businesses of every size should be able to reduce breach risks by automating their total incident readiness and response capabilities. They should be equipped to – when necessary – take back control and stay agile by assessing the impacts of consistently shifting regulatory, contractual, and compliance-centric requirements.

So, BreachRx has introduced a new purpose-built tool for enterprising automating new cybersecurity, privacy and data protection regulatory analyses:

Cyber RegScout.

“Cyber RegScout helps automate privacy and data protection regulatory analysis. With its in-depth coverage of every regulation, actionable insights about each jurisdiction (and what is needed to accomplish by when), companies can proactively mitigate a growing risk," said Alexandra Ross, Senior Director, Senior Data Protection, Use & Ethics Counsel at Autodesk (News - Alert) and strategic advisor to BreachRx. “The future of work demands solutions like this that combine automation and expertise.”

No longer do businesses need to exclusively rely on generic spreadsheets and all-too-lengthy research summaries to determine which regulations apply at a given moment (and for whatever given incident). With Cyber RegScout, up-to-date research is made more available and a comprehensive library of regulations, actionable intel and insights are kept current and easily accessible.

Thus, regulations are made simpler and breach risks are eliminated more expeditiously.

“Incident response is no longer just a security problem – with a whole minefield of new regulations popping up daily at the local, state, and national level, it’s quickly become a problem across the entire enterprise,” said Anderson Lunsford, BreachRx’s CEO. “So, our mission is to help security, legal, and compliance teams take back control of privacy and cybersecurity incidents.”

And Cyber RegScout does just that.

More info about it from BreachRx can be found here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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