Solvo Launches ChatGPT-Like 'Genie in a Bottle' Cloud Security Solution

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  August 09, 2023

Cloud security breaches jeopardize sensitive data, financial stability and reputation. A particularly concerning aspect is the average detection time of these breaches, which stands at 277 days, according to an IBM report. This prolonged period between the breach occurrence and its discovery provides malicious actors ample time to explore and exploit compromised systems, exacerbating the potential damage and making remediation efforts even more challenging.

Making matters more complex is the role that human error plays in contributing to these incidents. Research indicates that human error is responsible for 85% of all cloud security incidents. This can encompass a range of mistakes, from misconfigurations in cloud settings and poor access controls to inadvertently sharing sensitive information and falling victim to social engineering attacks.

In the cloud technology landscape, where configurations and access permissions can be intricate, a simple misstep can expose critical assets to cybercriminals. Addressing this human element of cloud security requires not only robust technical solutions and automated checks but also comprehensive training and awareness programs to educate personnel about best practices and potential pitfalls.

Organizations need to adopt proactive and multifaceted approaches to safeguard their digital assets. But it’s not like they can use the power of a genie for protection, right?

Enter SecurityGenie, a prompt-based cloud security solution, by Solvo, with instant and precise answers to cloud security questions that also provides remediation.

SecurityGenie is like a ChatGPT-powered genie in a bottle for security engineers. It instantly answers cloud security questions and gives the information needed to make the right decisions for the organization. According to Solvo, SecurityGenie saves each security engineer an average of 3.5 hours per week. This boosts their confidence and gives them peace of mind that their cloud security posture is safe.

"SecurityGenie cuts through the noise and complexity of cloud security, making it easy for security engineers and executives to get the information they need immediately to keep their organizations safe,” said Shira Shamban, CEO and co-founder of Solvo.

So, what exactly is SecurityGenie?

Operated by the capabilities of OpenAI, SecurityGenie uses the potential of natural language processing similar to the operational foundation of ChatGPT. Its primary purpose is to assist security teams in swiftly and effortlessly pinpointing and resolving security threats, ranging from misconfigurations and vulnerabilities to compliance breaches. This effectively eliminates the need for laborious manual investigations.

Engaging with SecurityGenie is as simple as posing a question concerning cloud security assets, networks, databases or access privileges. Almost instantly, the tool conducts a thorough scan of an organization’s environment and furnishes comprehensive responses in a matter of seconds.

To illustrate, a security professional could inquire, "Who currently possesses access to my confidential data?" Alternatively, they might ask, "Could you outline critical security and compliance breaches detected within the last 24 hours?"

In response, SecurityGenie delivers an intricate analysis, complete with severity assessments of vulnerabilities, recommended strategies for rectification, and explicit non-compliance aspects.

Beyond offering precise data and pertinent visual representations, SecurityGenie extends its utility to establishing new security parameters. For instance, a user might direct it with a command like, "Alert me if an instance lacks ELB and yet has direct internet connectivity."

“Simply ask questions and SecurityGenie scans your cloud environment for the answers,” said Shamban. “This eliminates the need for complex reports and time-consuming vulnerability hunting.”

SecurityGenie is user-friendly and fully customized to an organization's unique needs and seamlessly integrates with AWS, Azure, GCP or hybrid environments. This makes it easy for organizations to get started with SecurityGenie and start reducing their cloud security risk.

Edited by Alex Passett
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