Simplify Cloud App Security with Ghost Security's New Flagship

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  August 16, 2023

Businesses of all types and across various sectors depend on applications to streamline their operations effectively. That said, the pace at which these applications are created and implemented outpaces the current security solutions in place. The APIs that facilitate data exchange often emerge as a prime source of security apprehensions.

According to insights from Gartner in their “Innovation Insight for API Protection” report, the landscape foresees that by 2025, less than half of enterprise APIs will be under management. This projection comes as the rapid expansion of APIs surpasses the capabilities of existing API management tools. The report also emphasizes that throughout this period, a minimum of 70% of organizations will opt for specialized runtime protection solely for their public-facing APIs. Unfortunately, this leaves other APIs unmonitored and devoid of proper API safeguarding measures.

Enter Ghost Security and the Ghost Platform, a comprehensive discovery and threat detection capability for modern, cloud-native applications.

The Ghost Platform offers a comprehensive array of capabilities. It enables the swift identification and safeguarding of entire application infrastructures within seconds, all through a unified interface. This platform facilitates real-time monitoring and immediate detection of attacks, bolstered by continuous monitoring, testing and alerting.

Using machine learning, it enhances responsiveness and precision in addressing unfamiliar threats. The platform ensures that the ongoing evolution of organizational environments is matched by its continuous discovery and mapping of application infrastructures.

By providing context-aware prioritization, it eliminates unnecessary diversions and concentrates attention on pertinent threats, accompanied by recommendations for focused remediation.

The long story short? Organizations now have a scalable, simple-to-use and centralized solution for detecting application and API threats.

“What Ghost provides is not only comprehensive application and API protection for internal and external assets but also considerable time savings for analysts,” said Greg Martin, CEO of Ghost Security.

Ghost Security has developed a contemporary application security solution. As stated by Sidra Ahmed Lefort, Investment Director at Munich Re Ventures, which participated in Ghost Security’s most recent funding round, the solution not only secures these entry points effectively but also delivers scalable understanding and advanced analytical capabilities throughout an entire organization.

Edited by Alex Passett
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