Breaking Down Silos: Rockfish Data and 3nets Partner to Introduce Generative AI and Multi-Cloud Networking Solutions

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  August 21, 2023

Organizations often face the formidable challenge of breaking down barriers that emerge when data proliferates across diverse environments and becomes trapped within isolated silos. The issues stemming from these data silos are numerous; compatibility problems, hindered collaboration, redundancy, security vulnerabilities and inefficient analysis, to name a few.

To tackle these hurdles, organizations need to implement strategic approaches. One way is by utilizing generative AI and multi-cloud networking solutions. And a new partnership between 3nets and Rockfish Data is bringing those solutions to enterprises, hyperscalers, private data centers and edge cloud providers.

Both companies are committed to their mission of removing the boundaries that exist across today’s data silos by providing unparalleled access for data collection, and increased data visibility and representation to optimize the data for efficient use for downstream business cases.

3nets stands as a dynamic software and solutions provider, geared toward unleashing cloud computing's boundless potential. Their mission involves streamlining intricate hybrid multi-cloud, edge cloud and private cloud landscapes, augmenting them with value-added services, automation and cost-efficiency to optimize application and service delivery.

A recent release from 3nets is the 3nets | CloudNavigator platform. This platform empowers businesses with the flexibility to seamlessly embrace diverse clouds based on cost or functional considerations. The platform harnesses connectors that construct a fortified hybrid/multi-cloud framework named the 3nets | Application Service Fabric.

Rockfish Data is on a mission to dissolve the constraints of data silos, thereby nurturing an innovation-rich environment. Central to their efforts is the synthetic data workbench, designed specifically to equip data scientists in surmounting the persistent challenges posed by limited and segregated data within enterprises. By dismantling these barriers, Rockfish Data's AI-driven software solution for generating synthetic data is spearheading an era where innovation thrives unencumbered by data scarcity.

"We partnered with Rockfish Data to deliver a holistic solution that empowers businesses to harness the full potential of data, AI and ML solutions across a multi cloud environment," said Abraham Pucheril, CEO at 3nets. “3nets innovative platform is focused on creating an application overlay network fabric that removes the networking and security borders that exists between cloud providers, while Rockfish's groundbreaking synthetic data capabilities eliminates data silos to make data more accessible for businesses to make better decisions.”

The collaboration between the two presents an exclusive prospect for organizations to remove the barriers that frequently emerge when data originates across diverse environments and resides within isolated silos. The amalgamation of their capabilities, coupled with the implementation of generative AI/ML, serves to democratize access to high-caliber, diversified data, making it universally accessible to business decision-makers.

“3nets, with its extensive experience and expertise in cloud application visibility, is perfectly poised to complement Rockfish Data's pioneering approach to synthetic data generation leading to a rapid roll-out of effective AI/ML technologies,” said Muckai Girish, co-founder and CEO of Rockfish Data. “At the heart of this collaboration lies a common goal: to accelerate application deployment and drive operational efficiencies.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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