Plainsight Teams Up with Google Cloud to Fuse Generative AI and Computer Vision

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  August 31, 2023

A recent KPMG survey highlights executives' expectations of generative AI's substantial impact on businesses and its potential to confer competitive advantages. There is a consensus among professionals that generative AI is poised to reshape operations, with its creative capabilities recognized as a wellspring of innovation.

The consensus on its competitive benefits reflects its potential to enhance processes, marketing endeavors and customer experiences. The mounting enthusiasm around generative AI is likely to drive augmented investments, reshaping research, development, and implementation approaches.

To help tech leaders more quickly and easily achieve efficiency and cost-saving benefits with solutions that combine computer vision and generative AI, Plainsight entered a partnership with Google (News - Alert) Cloud.

Plainsight offers a blend of AI strategy, a vision AI platform and extensive proficiency in deep learning to create, execute and manage computer vision solutions for businesses. Plainsight ensures consistent and traceable computer vision implementation across all enterprise initiatives. The company excels at addressing challenges that have stumped others, enabling various industries to fully exploit their visual data with minimal obstacles to production, swift value attainment and sustained performance monitoring for enduring success.

By leveraging Google Cloud generative AI and LLM capabilities, Plainsight is accelerating computer vision initiatives and providing businesses with acute operational awareness of spaces, activities, productivity and processes through LLM-optimized models trained for maximum performance and expansive insights.

"Plainsight is working with Google Cloud to bring about a new era of successful computer vision operationalization for enterprises," said Carlos Anchia, Plainsight co-founder and CEO. "Our goal is to empower businesses with LLM-accelerated computer vision capabilities that will revolutionize their operational awareness, unlock value-generating opportunities and drive new efficiencies and growth."

With Plainsight's advanced vision AI platform and its comprehensive computer vision lifecycle management, businesses now gain insights into intricate processes and overall operations with unprecedented speed and precision. This enhanced operational understanding bolsters decision-making, productivity and competitive edge for enterprises.

For instance, by integrating LLM-driven computer vision for operational insights, industries like food and beverage manufacturing can achieve consistent and elevated levels of safety, compliance, quality and reporting. This is made possible through rapid deployment of potent vision AI models across various areas such as visual inspections, measurements, product quality assessment, traceability, security and equipment monitoring.

"Combined with computer vision, organizations will be able to utilize visual data to achieve new levels of holistic insight and deep understanding of their operations,” said Rodrigo Rocha, Director, Global Partnerships at Google Cloud.

Plainsight's vision AI platform is accessible through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Edited by Alex Passett
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