Dell and Denvr Dataworks Drive Generative AI Innovation

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  September 07, 2023

Generative AI stands poised to reshape the landscape of productivity and information consumption, both professionally and personally. Its capacity to produce content akin to human output (be it text, multimedia, or code) has streamlined content creation for businesses and individuals alike. This not only economizes time and effort, but also allows professionals to focus on higher-order tasks. For instance, generative AI models exhibit prowess in automating content generation; from composing articles to drafting software code, thereby optimizing efficiency.

Generative AI's impact extends beyond content creation, too. (Into the realm of natural language interfaces, namely.) Chatbots and virtual assistants, underpinned by these AI models, adeptly manage customer inquiries, appointment bookings, and intricate interactions. This functionality alleviates the burden on customer support teams and enhances overall user experiences. AI-driven language translation services have burgeoned in accuracy, enabling seamless cross-lingual communication and information accessibility.

All of that sounds great, and it backs up the fact that three out of five workers currently use or plan to use generative AI, according to Salesforce. However, generative AI does increase the complexity and strategic value of IT.

"Organizations need trusted technology partners that prioritize security and scalability,” said Jeff Boudreau, President, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell (News - Alert).

To fulfill that, Dell is working with Denvr Dataworks, an emerging provider of high-performance cloud infrastructure, to help organizations tap the capabilities of generative AI.

Denvr Dataworks provides high-performance cloud services for AI, machine learning (ML) and other applications. Denvr Dataworks's services include Denvr AI Cloud, designed for AI developers and data scientists; supercomputing performance, with high-performance GPUs and compute technology; liquid cooled compute, which improves power and cooling density; and global connectivity, with global fiber interconnects.

By merging the security and reliability of the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 server with Denvr Dataworks' high-performance cloud computing specialized for AI, organizations simplify their environment configuration tasks and hasten the achievement of pioneering AI outcomes.

The Dell PowerEdge XE9680 exhibits impressive capabilities when it comes to handling generative AI's substantial language models. Engineered for acceleration in AI, ML and deep learning training, this system offers a robust infrastructure for launching AI computing initiatives while ensuring top-notch GPU memory, bandwidth, and security. The latest PowerEdge servers incorporate intelligent cooling mechanisms that enhance performance, all while reducing power consumption and minimizing the overall environmental footprint.

This solution excels in training extensive language models and proficiently manages expansive GenAI datasets housing hundreds of billions of parameters. Additionally, it provides organizations with preconfigured tools and templates, enabling them to expedite the development and implementation of large-scale language models.

"We believe in simplifying the AI journey for organizations, making it faster, more efficient and environmentally responsible,” said Dave King, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, Denvr Dataworks. “Working with Dell Technologies, a renowned technology leader, will further accelerate our impact by combining our expertise in AI cloud infrastructure with Dell's global reach and resources.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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