Boost the Cloud Experience with Oracle's Compute Cloud@Customer

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  September 15, 2023

"For organizations looking to deploy cloud services on-premises, the message is 'go big or go home.”

That quote was said by Ron Westfall, research director, The Futurum Group. And this is what I think he means by this.

The phrase “go big or go home” is an idiomatic expression that means to put all of one’s effort into an enterprise, to experience something to its fullest, to be extravagant and to act boldly. Therefore, Westfall suggests that organizations looking to deploy cloud services on-premises should not settle for subpar solutions. Instead, they should opt for high-quality cloud services that offer the same capabilities as public cloud services. Westfall believes that many on-premises cloud services are either “warmed-over hardware boxes gift wrapped with financial engineering tools” or offer only “one-tenth the capabilities of their public cloud counterparts.”

His advice to organizations? Go big or go home and choose a cloud service that can meet their needs effectively, such as Oracle’s (News - Alert) new cloud infrastructure called Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer. This rack-scale infrastructure allows organizations to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or OCI, compute services anywhere.

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer enables organizations to run applications and middleware on OCI compute, storage and networking services with flexible virtual machine shapes in their data centers. When combined with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, it is the ideal platform for workloads that are tightly integrated with Oracle databases.

Organizations can use the same OCI services in their data centers and Oracle Cloud Regions, while developers and IT managers can use the same APIs and management tools to deliver a consistent user experience everywhere. Organizations can also consolidate existing workloads and deploy new cloud-native applications on a fully managed cloud platform in their data centers, enabling them to capitalize on OCI’s cost-effective consumption model to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is compatible with the OCI public cloud regions and OCI Dedicated Region and offers the same core OCI cloud services at the same low pricing. This reduces the burden of maintenance and upgrades for customers while enabling them to develop and run cloud-native applications anywhere.

Unlike on-premises offerings from other public cloud providers that are assembled from third-party components or have limited capabilities, Oracle Compute Cloud@Customer is a reliable solution for organizations looking to deploy cloud services on-premises.

Compute Cloud@Customer is architected for high performance and high availability. It can be easily expanded to meet the needs of small and large organizations, each with a different distributed cloud deployment scenario. Starting with 552 processor cores and 150 TB of usable storage, Compute Cloud@Customer scales compute and storage independently to more than 6,000 processor cores and 3.4 PB of storage capacity.

"Users want a consistent experience regardless of where services are running, and that is why we continue to invest in our distributed cloud strategy with the launch of Compute Cloud@Customer," said Edward Screven, chief corporate architect, Oracle. "Oracle provides a choice of OCI public cloud regions, Dedicated Region and Cloud@Customer platforms that customers can combine to create a globally distributed cloud solution. This choice makes it easy for customers to achieve their strategic cloud business objectives.”

Oracle's Compute Cloud@Customer joins their extensive cloud portfolio, offering flexibility in deploying over 100 OCI services with customized features. This enables organizations to deploy software consistently across diverse environments using standardized services and tools.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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