Innovative Cloud Native DevSecOps Platform Revealed by CloudBees

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  September 19, 2023

The adoption of cloud technologies soared in popularity and utility with both businesses and individuals, particularly at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, 61% of businesses made the transition to cloud-based workloads, according to Zippia. Fast-forward to 2023, and 94% of enterprises have integrated cloud services into their operations, underscoring the widespread embrace of cloud computing solutions.

However, this transition has introduced a formidable challenge – the growing complexity of managing and delivering software in this dynamic landscape. In response to this complexity, a discipline known as platform engineering has arisen as step in the journey of DevOps practices. This emerging field represents a pivotal convergence of various essential roles within the organization, including site reliability engineers, DevOps engineers, security specialists, product managers and operations teams.

Their collective mission is to harmonize the diverse and often siloed technologies and tools scattered throughout the organization into a unified, streamlined "golden path" for developers. This golden path fosters enhanced collaboration and accelerates the software development and delivery process.

Purpose-built for that mission, CloudBees, a software delivery platform for enterprises, released a new cloud native DevSecOps platform that places platform engineers and developer experience front and center.

The CloudBees platform allows organizations to streamline the intricacies of cloud-native development and deployment processes within the DevOps toolchain. This expedites the pace of innovation.

Firstly, it prioritizes a developer-centric experience by reducing cognitive burdens and rendering DevOps processes nearly imperceptible through the integration of concepts like blocks, automations and golden paths. This approach enhances the developer's journey from code creation to successful deployment.

CloudBees then adopts an open and extensible approach, embracing the diverse landscape of DevOps tools, starting with Jenkins. This flexibility allows organizations to preserve their existing tooling investments while orchestrating additional tools as needed, creating a seamless workflow.

Moreover, the platform operates on a self-service model, enabling platform engineers to tailor the platform according to specific requirements. This autonomy empowers development teams, as platform engineers can design custom automations and actions that developers can readily access, eliminating the need to wait for necessary resources.

Additionally, CloudBees centralizes security and compliance, offering pre-configured workflow templates with built-in security measures. Sensitive data, such as passwords and tokens, is abstracted from the pipeline, significantly enhancing security throughout the software development lifecycle.

The platform also incorporates automated DevSecOps practices, conducting comprehensive checks across source code, binaries, cloud environments, data and identity, all guided by Open Policy Agent. It maintains continuous compliance by offering out-of-the-box regulatory frameworks for standards such as FedRamp and SOC2, alongside automated evidence collection to facilitate auditor requirements.

Long story short? CloudBees not only streamlines the cloud-native development process, but also ensures its security and compliance at every stage.

“Over the past 24 months, we have listened, crafted, iterated and developed a solution based on thousands of unique points of feedback,” said Shawn Ahmed, Chief Product Officer, CloudBees. “Time and time again, customers highlight the challenges in going fast, staying secure and improving developer experience. The CloudBees platform is the culmination of our commitment to reshaping the DevSecOps landscape. Our new platform empowers developers, unifies teams, and accelerates innovation while offering unprecedented flexibility and choice.”

This innovative platform stands out among the open and extensible DevSecOps solutions available today, capable of orchestrating various tools in a software development toolkit. It reimagines DevSecOps by addressing challenges related to delivering faster, more secure and compliant cloud-native software.

Edited by Alex Passett
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