Gigamon's Precryption Technology Gains Industry Support for Unmasking Hidden Threats in Encrypted Traffic

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  September 19, 2023

IT and security leaders are often confident in their security tools and processes, claiming complete visibility and insights into their hybrid cloud infrastructure, according to a Gigamon report. The reality is that 90% of IT and security leaders have acknowledged experiencing a data breach within the last 18 months.

While high-level visibility into hybrid cloud infrastructure is not a major concern for most respondents, nearly all respondents agree that cloud security now relies on gaining visibility across all data in motion. However, upon further investigation, critical visibility gaps emerged, including encrypted traffic, laterally moving data, and unknown blind spots.

Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that efficiently delivers network-derived intelligence to cloud, security and observability tools. This helps eliminate security blind spots and reduce tool costs, enabling organizations to better secure and manage their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Now, its partners have embraced the new Gigamon (News - Alert) Precryption technology as a game-changing innovation to empower customers against cyberthreats lurking within encrypted network traffic. Gigamon announced Precryption technology, as well as a series of breakthrough cybersecurity innovations to the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline, in its latest GigaVUE 6.4 software release designed to help customers to better manage and secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The Gigamon Precryption technology represents a groundbreaking method for addressing a critical challenge in contemporary hybrid cloud infrastructure, which is the concealed lateral activity of threat actors within encrypted communications. Making use of Linux eBPF and standard encryption libraries, Precryption technology provides clear-text visibility into encrypted communications before the data payload undergoes encryption, all without the need for decryption.

It offers a unified solution for maintaining security compliance across various TLS encryption forms without requiring complex key management. Additionally, it establishes a robust foundation for the implementation of a Zero Trust Architecture.

This technology enhances the effectiveness of security tools, potentially improving their performance by a factor of five times or more. Furthermore, it can be deployed without encountering resistance from DevOps teams.

GigaVUE 6.4 also introduces an array of enhanced security features that seamlessly integrate with both infrastructure and applications. These include Cloud SSL Decryption, which extends traditional on-prem decryption capabilities to encompass a diverse range of virtual and cloud platforms.

The Universal Cloud Tap offers a unified, executable tap solution for leading platforms, expanding its reach to virtual machines and containers while optimizing efficiency through source-level pre-filtering. The release incorporates Application Metadata Intelligence Integration, enabling the detection of vulnerabilities and suspicious activities across all types of hosts, whether they are managed or unmanaged, such as IoT devices.

These advanced security capabilities provide a comprehensive and adaptable security framework for modern infrastructure and applications.

“We continue to advance the Gigamon Deep Observability Pipeline solution, now adding Precryption technology to solve a critical issue that our partners and mutual customers face: blind spots in encrypted traffic,” said Dee Dee Acquista, Vice President of Worldwide Channel and Alliances at Gigamon. “We enable our partners to deliver best-in-class security solutions that also boost the effectiveness of their security tools.”

Gigamon, in collaboration with its partners, aims to empower global enterprise IT organizations in countering cybercriminals who use encryption to hide their activities. By providing clear visibility into encrypted network traffic through an automated solution, Gigamon offers organizations the opportunity to establish a robust foundation for implementing a Zero Trust model.

This newfound visibility allows organizations to redefine security and compliance practices, particularly within hybrid cloud infrastructure, thereby leveling the playing field against cyber threats.

Edited by Alex Passett
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