Faster Application Issue Resolution with Juniper's Expanded Multivendor Networking Solution

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  October 09, 2023

Budget constraints, skills shortages and increasing complexity are key drivers for the adoption of automated data center operations. Let’s take a closer look.

Organizations are constantly challenged by budget constraints, as they seek to optimize their IT infrastructure while minimizing costs. So how does automation step in? Automation provides an efficient solution by reducing the need for extensive human intervention, lowering operational expenses, and ensuring resources are allocated optimally. With automated data center operations, tasks such as provisioning, monitoring and scaling can be performed more economically, allowing businesses to allocate their budgets more strategically.

The industry also has a difficult time finding and retaining qualified personnel with the necessary expertise to manage complex data center environments has become increasingly difficult. Automation helps bridge this gap by reducing the reliance on specialized skills, making it easier for organizations to maintain their data centers efficiently without constantly needing to recruit and train experts.

And with data center operations becoming more complex with the proliferation of cloud services, virtualization and the need for rapid scalability, automation offers a means to manage this complexity. Automation simplifies data center management, enhances reliability and reduces the risk of human error. In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, automated data center operations are essential for organizations to remain agile, competitive, and capable of meeting the demands of the digital age.

Juniper Apstra, as a pioneer in intent-based networking, offers significant value by automating and validating the design, deployment and operation of multivendor data center networks. Additionally, it serves as a unified source of truth for predicting, analyzing, and troubleshooting ongoing operations.

The latest release of Apstra software enhances the value provided to Juniper customers and partners in several ways.

It simplifies data collection and visualization. Leveraging Apstra's robust graph database, users can now easily customize intent-based analytics probes for telemetry and gain visibility into network operations. The new database query interface included in Apstra 4.2.0 allows users to explore and visualize data without the need for coding, making it accessible to newcomers and experienced users for customized graph queries.

Apstra integrates multivendor flow data, offering comprehensive network visibility. This integration provides detailed insights into application traffic flows across the network without the complexity and cost of a separate monitoring system. When combined with Apstra's telemetry and analytics capabilities, these features simplify troubleshooting, enhance performance management, support capacity planning, control costs and strengthen security and compliance, irrespective of the vendor.

Lastly, Apstra streamlines network provisioning through Terraform, enabling organizations already using the Terraform infrastructure-as-code platform to push configurations to the data center seamlessly. This automation simplifies network operations, aligning them with the agility of cloud services, and accelerates the delivery of new services.

When integrated with Apstra's existing intent-based networking capabilities and Juniper Validated Designs, these features let organizations simplify and standardize their data center architectures, achieving efficiency levels reminiscent of hyperscale environments.

“As business demands intensify, organizations need accessible and intuitive solutions that enable IT professionals to manage data centers with the utmost reliability by taking away the complexity,” said Mansour Karam, GVP, Data Center Products at Juniper Networks (News - Alert). “Building on our commitment to user-friendly data center networks that prioritize automation and agility, Apstra’s new capabilities enable private clouds to be simply designed, deployed and operated while effortlessly fitting into an organization’s broader IT operations.”

These latest capabilities align with Apstra's vision to provide comprehensive data center management with multivendor support, all built upon a robust intent-based networking foundation.

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Edited by Greg Tavarez
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