Shield Against Cyber Threats On-Prem and in the Cloud with Veritas 360 Defense

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  October 26, 2023

Recent research from IBM has shed light on the growing menace of ransomware attacks, indicating that it takes an average of 73 days to identify and contain malicious cyber threats. Ransomware attacks have become an increasingly pervasive and costly problem, with hackers deploying sophisticated tactics to infiltrate systems, encrypt valuable data and extort hefty ransoms from victims.

The 73-day timeline not only exposes the vulnerability of private and public sectors, but also serves as a reminder of the urgency to reinforce cybersecurity measures. Experts emphasize the need for proactive measures, including robust cybersecurity strategies, employee training and cooperation with law enforcement agencies.

With that, Veritas Technologies announced Veritas 360 Defense, bringing together data protection, data governance and data security capabilities. Veritas 360 Defense leverages Veritas' native security capabilities in data protection, data security and data governance, giving a boost to cyber resiliency. Among the notable components of this system is REDLab Validation.

REDLab Validation tests and documents the integration of Veritas offerings and partner solutions, ensuring validated best practices and deployment blueprints to mitigate risks. By simulating real-world ransomware attacks in an isolated REDLab test environment, customers gain confidence that Veritas' solutions will safeguard their data, detect threats and facilitate secure recovery. Veritas 360 Defense has been battle tested against real-world ransomware variants in the Veritas REDLab.

Veritas also furthered its cyber recovery capabilities by introducing new features like malware scanning for emerging workloads, anomaly detection for administrator action and enhanced support for Azure Active Directory. Multi-person authorization for critical operations has been included to reinforce the backup and recovery infrastructure.

The Veritas 360 Defense ecosystem is also enhanced with integrated security partner capabilities, including advanced threat protection, privileged access management, vulnerability assessment and remediation, automated Active Directory forest recovery and data set protection.

“When malware hits data that’s spread across today’s complex, heterogenous, multi-cloud environments, the response is typically managed by multiple teams using disparate tools. This can prolong the time it takes to recover,” said Matt Waxman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data Protection at Veritas. “Veritas 360 Defense uniquely addresses these challenges by unifying data security, data protection and data governance with our security ecosystem so organizations can recover quickly, know who accessed data and proactively mitigate threats.”

These integrations with security partners like CrowdStrike Falcon, CyberArk, Qualys, Semperis and Symantec (News - Alert) deliver a holistic approach to cybersecurity, helping organizations safeguard their critical data and maintain operational resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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