Stay Ahead of Threats with Cado Security's Incident Readiness Dashboard

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  October 30, 2023

Most companies today rely on cloud technologies. At the same time, cyber threats to cloud infrastructures are becoming more sophisticated. Unfortunately, today it's no longer a question of “if” a security incident will occur, but rather “when” it will happen. This has forced organizations to recognize that proactive cybersecurity measures are essential for survival in the digital age. Ignoring the potential threats or hoping to remain immune to them is simply not an option.

The growing number of global incident reporting requirements is placing added pressure on organizations to promptly identify the extent of ongoing incidents. Notable examples of these mandates include the SEC (News - Alert)'s imminent "Final Rule" regarding incident response and breach disclosures, the European Union's GDPR with its 72-hour deadline for reporting data breaches, and the forthcoming NIS 2 Directive set to impact critical infrastructure organizations starting in 2024.

These regulations emphasize the need for organizations to swiftly and accurately assess and report security incidents, underscoring the increasing importance of proactive incident response and compliance in the modern digital landscape.

As a way to overcome those hurdles, Cado Security, a provider of a cloud forensics and incident response platform, has announced that the Cado platform will offer an Incident Readiness Dashboard.

The Cado platform automates the complete incident response process, including evidence collection, analysis, containment and impact mitigation. It facilitates comprehensive incident preparation through access setup, data acquisition testing, automation rule implementation, and integration with third-party systems. The platform also allows for continuous testing of incident preparedness, helping organizations understand their risk posture, identify gaps, and make informed investments to reduce exposure.

With the dashboard, organizations proactively assess their readiness for responding to security threats. It offers features such as readiness checks, trend analysis, and issue identification to ensure swift responses to active threats.

“As attackers increasingly target cloud-based systems, security teams need to know with confidence that they’ll be able to quickly investigate detected incidents,” said James Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Cado Security. “With Cado’s Incident Readiness Dashboard, we are providing organizations with a powerful tool that not only identifies gaps that could hinder rapid investigation and response, but also offers actionable insights for immediate improvement.”

The long story short? Cado Security's Incident Readiness Dashboard helps businesses effectively safeguard their digital assets and respond more swiftly to threats.

Edited by Alex Passett
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