Cambium Networks Broadens Horizons for AI-based Troubleshooting and Security

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  November 13, 2023

Network management solutions are often used by businesses of all sizes to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of their computer networks. By continuously monitoring network metrics like bandwidth, latency and packet loss, IT teams can swiftly identify and address performance issues, ensuring that their networks operate efficiently and reliably.

Network management solutions also aid in fault detection and troubleshooting. They assist in pinpointing network problems, including connectivity issues, hardware failures, and misconfigurations, facilitating prompt resolution. Moreover, these tools bolster network security and compliance efforts by offering features such as intrusion detection, firewall management, and access control. They enable businesses to uphold security standards and adhere to industry regulations, safeguarding sensitive data and information.

Long story short? Network management solutions play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation, security and scalability of business networks.

One such solution is Cambium Networks’ (News - Alert) cnMaestro, which provides a single source of truth system for enterprises and service providers managing technically diverse networks, simplifying provisioning and operations of Cambium-based deployments across Wi-Fi, switching, security and SD-WAN, fixed wireless and fiber solutions.

Cambium recently unveiled cnMaestro 4.1, its latest network management system, which offers enhanced automation and analytics capabilities for enterprises and service providers. This update, including the cnMaestro X Assurance feature, integrates operational and performance-based analytics across various network types, like Wi-Fi, wired and fixed wireless systems within the Cambium ONE Network. Its primary goal is to swiftly pinpoint network problems and optimize system operation to boost efficiency and cut costs.

The cnMaestro X Assurance feature utilizes a cloud-based insights engine that continuously learns from data collected from cnMaestro-managed devices. It employs AI/ML algorithms to identify and predict emerging issues across customer sites, generating proactive alerts. The platform keeps a close watch on client experience scores and connectivity statistics over time, facilitating in-depth troubleshooting. This solution simplifies issue resolution with a user-friendly graphical presentation, eliminating the need to duplicate problems or capture packets when addressing historical issues.

"cnMaestro X Assurance has proven itself time and again in real troubleshooting scenarios to reduce the time to identify and resolve issues by 90% or more,” said Bruce Miller (News - Alert), Vice President Enterprise Marketing, Cambium. “It effectively puts the power of an advanced engineer at the disposal of every cnMaestro X user.

Other features include personal Wi-Fi, Network Service Edge and Assists.

Personal Wi-Fi offers a secure way to connect Wi-Fi clients across campus networks. Each user receives a unique WPA3 Wi-Fi security credential, ensuring private wireless communication while maintaining secure segmentation on the wired network. This feature also enables seamless roaming across the property.

Network Service Edge provides enhanced security and SD-WAN services for Cambium's ONE Network solution. It offers expanded content filtering capabilities with over 88 categories for more precise control. Content signatures are updated twice daily to ensure the most current security posture for customer networks.

Assists conducts security audit scans of device configurations and generates a performance score, providing valuable insights into potential configuration vulnerabilities within the network. This release extends Assists to site-level analysis and includes support for cnWave 28 GHz products, in addition to its existing coverage of Wi-Fi, switching, PMP and ePMP solutions.

"The latest release of our cnMaestro system includes game-changing features for our customers and service provider partners,” said Miller.

Edited by Alex Passett
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