Versa Networks Gets IPv6 Ready 'Gold' Logo Certification

By Stefania Viscusi  |  November 16, 2023

Versa Networks, a provider of AI/ML-powered Unified SASE and SD-WAN solutions, announced the successful completion of independent testing which has resulted in IPv6 Ready "Gold" Logo certification.

This certification, achieved for the Versa Operating System, or VOS, covers the Versa CSG and CSX appliances catering to SD-WAN and SD-LAN, along with the Versa Cloud Gateways.

The certification process involved rigorous testing against the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s USGv6r1 Profile. This certification includes fundamental IPv6 functionality and specific requirements, including routing, security, multicast, network management, and quality of service, as outlined by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

The IPv6 Ready Logo Program helps to boost user confidence by confirming that IPv6 is not only available but also ready for use.

“The U.S. government’s move toward IPv6-only network environments dramatically increases the need to assure the quality, completeness, and interoperability of the IPv6 capabilities in IT products and services,” said Shiva Shenoy, Vice President of Engineering at Versa Networks. “Versa is committed to supporting IPv6 broadly to ensure our customers get the scalability, security, and service continuity they need with our Unified SASE platform.”

Widely adopted by governments and enterprises globally, particularly in critical infrastructure domains like energy grids, communication networks, and financial trading networks, this certification ensures that Versa Networks' products can be confidently deployed in environments where IPv6 is the norm.

Gaining the IPv6 Ready "Gold" Logo highlights the company’s commitment to delivering robust, secure, and interoperable solutions that align seamlessly with the evolving landscape of critical infrastructure deployments.

“Versa builds its products with the readiness, performance, and ability to deliver at the forefront, and it’s gratifying to have our solutions verified by these very important certification programs,” said Ken Lasoski, Director of Federal Compliance at Versa Networks. “Earning these certifications provides important assurances for organizations looking to future proof their networks and is especially important and gives us a competitive advantage in some markets such as government that seek only solutions passing these rigorous tests. Today’s announcement adds to our growing list of certifications that are important for governments, enterprises, other organizations, and service providers that need to fortify their network security in this age of heightened cybersecurity threats and concerns.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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