BeyondEdge Introduces Unified Orchestration Platform for Generative AI Ethernet Fabrics

By Stefania Viscusi  |  November 17, 2023

BeyondEdge, a provider of software-defined network fabric management and intent-based networking (IBN), introduced a unified orchestration solution for data center fabrics with a focus on generative AI.

The company operates as a software-defined company for data centers, clouds and edge environments, and helps accelerate network transformations through an open and modular software platform, delivering highly intelligent and fully automated networks.

Generative AI network fabrics are designed to include Ethernet access, GPU clusters, storage, and out-of-band management (OOBM) interface connectivity, which demands high throughput, low network latency, and fine-tuned network policy control.

BeyondEdge Verity answers the call with a network orchestration platform that supports the requirements of generative AI Ethernet fabrics and provides a unified dashboard for streamlined management.

Ethernet is now becoming the primary transport medium for generative AI networks due to its superior throughput capabilities and with existing switches offering double the port speed compared to alternative transport technologies.

BeyondEdge's Verity introduces an intuitive graphical interface and intelligent automation to empower network operations teams in centrally defining class maps, policy maps, class of service (COS), and quality of service (QoS) parameters for generative AI Ethernet fabrics.

Using graphical prompts, these policies are applied to network services for access, GPU, storage, and management interfaces, offering precise performance settings.

Verity's automation allows for further tuning using network telemetry stored in its network source of truth (NSOT) data lake and offers the flexibility to share data with third-party tools through a Northbound API.

The generative AI release of Verity also integrates packet broker functionality and customized AI/ML tools to enhance fabric observability, identify performance anomalies, and expedite root cause identification for swift remediation.

"Ethernet fabrics that facilitate generative AI workloads require an orchestration tool that allows for simplified service creation to handle traffic loads across standard access interfaces, GPU clusters, storage, out-of-band management, and packet brokers," said Amir Elbaz, founder and CEO of BeyondEdge." The next major release of BeyondEdge's Verity intent-based network orchestration solution will deliver full support of RoCEv2, across all these connected devices."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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