SolarWinds Introduces Advanced Cloud-Based Database Observability Features

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  November 27, 2023

Effective database performance is indispensable for the smooth functioning of an organization's IT strategy and overall business operations. Databases serve as the backbone of various applications, housing and managing critical data that is essential for decision-making, customer service, and operational efficiency. However, the inherent complexity of databases poses challenges for IT teams.

The complexity of databases often results in difficult-to-diagnose issues, necessitating comprehensive monitoring and observability solutions. Without accurate insights into the performance metrics and the ability to observe database behavior in real-time, IT and DevOps teams find themselves in a precarious position when addressing problems. The absence of precise monitoring can lead to a protracted diagnosis process, which then increases the risk of extended downtime and compromises the overall health and growth potential of the enterprise.

Robust database monitoring and observability are paramount for organizations to proactively manage and optimize their database environments, and SolarWinds (News - Alert) continues to help with database monitoring and observability thanks to new enhancements to its SolarWinds Database Observability.

SolarWinds offers a comprehensive observability, IT service management and database management portfolio. The company’s platform provides full-stack hybrid and multi-cloud observability, IT service management, and database performance management solutions. SolarWinds’ solutions are designed to help customers solve their biggest challenges, reduce complexity, and optimize their digital agility.

In relation to database observability, SolarWinds Database Observability, part of the Database Performance Management suite that includes SQL Sentry and Database Performance Analyzer, now guarantees optimal database performance. It achieves this by providing unified visibility and query-level workload monitoring across a diverse range of database types and deployment models, encompassing centralized, distributed, cloud-based and on-premises databases.

Specifically designed for cloud environments, this solution simplifies database performance management. It allows enterprises to pinpoint critical issues, even those stemming from intricate dependencies between the database, operating system and network.

The long story short? Organizations that use SolarWinds Database Observability gain enhanced insights into database implications during code deployment, real-time troubleshooting of performance issues, and the ability to identify unusual behavior and potential database issues.

“Databases are often seen as the opaque and unknowable black box of IT, but organizations no longer need to settle for that lack of visibility,” said Cullen Childress, senior vice president at SolarWinds. “SolarWinds Database Observability was built to reimagine and redefine the performance and capabilities of the database environment as it becomes increasingly complicated.”

SolarWinds Database Observability is part of SolarWinds Observability, a fully integrated, cloud-native SaaS (News - Alert) solution, delivering unified visibility across the entire technology stack to meet service-level objectives and optimize user experiences.

Edited by Alex Passett
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