Open Systems Sets New Benchmark in Security and SaaS Efficiency with Web Gateway as a Service

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  November 27, 2023

Chief information officers (CIOs) are regularly tasked with finding ways to counter constant barrages of cybersecurity threats that transcend geographical boundaries. The pervasive nature of these threats requires a global perspective and proactive strategies to safeguard organizational assets. The rise of sophisticated cyberattacks, ranging from ransomware to data breaches, necessitates constant vigilance and adaptation of security measures.

Then, you add in the shift toward hybrid workforces. This adds another layer of complexity to the CIO's responsibilities, as they must ensure the seamless integration of technology solutions that support collaboration and productivity while upholding robust security protocols for both in-office and remote environments.

Therefore, CIOs must contend with the perennial issue of managing cybersecurity within the constraints of tight budgets and limited resources. The allocation of financial resources to cybersecurity initiatives is a delicate balancing act, as CIOs strive to maximize the effectiveness of their security infrastructure while optimizing the use of available funds.

Now, they don’t have to do it all on their own because of the general availability of Open Systems’ (News - Alert) Secure Web Gateway as a Service offering.

Open Systems is a provider of Secure Access Experience solutions and often meets the networking and security needs of organizations worldwide. Secure Web Gateway (News - Alert) is a cloud-based, comprehensive web security solution that combines advanced threat protection, secure access controls and intelligent web filtering to provide organizations with a secure and productive web browsing experience.

The key features of Secure Web Gateway as a Service encompass several critical elements designed to enhance cybersecurity and optimize web access for organizations.

One notable aspect is its flexible deployment options. It can be implemented independently from Open Systems' backbone, on a customer's cloud platforms, or on-premises. This flexibility optimizes performance and cost-effectiveness by strategically situating security controls close to users and leveraging existing customer investments. This adaptability ensures a tailored and efficient security infrastructure.

Another key aspect lies in its robust threat protection capabilities. By utilizing real-time threat intelligence and advanced web filtering, it can identify and block malicious URLs, phishing attempts, malware and other web-based threats. This proactive approach serves as a crucial line of defense, preventing data breaches, infections and data exfiltration by intercepting malicious content before it reaches the organizational network.

The offering also provides content filtering and policy management, which allows organizations to customize web access policies through an intuitive interface. Organizations can exert control over and enforce browsing rules based on user profiles, content categories and more, fostering efficient web access management and compliance with organizational security policies.

Additionally, the service provides organizations with valuable insights into their web traffic and overall security posture. Through detailed reporting and analytics, users can monitor and analyze user behavior, track web usage patterns, and identify potential security gaps. Organizations can address emerging threats swiftly to enhance their overall cybersecurity resilience.

“Open Systems Secure Web Gateway as a Service enables our customers to maximize availability and performance via an as-a-service model that is easier to procure and deploy than traditional Secure Web Gateway solutions,” said Stefan Keller, Chief Product Officer, Open Systems.

Secure Web Gateway, now available, comes with 24/7 support from exclusively level-3 engineers, which means customers can rely on top-of-the-line expertise.

Edited by Alex Passett
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