Kubiya's Co-Pilots Redefine DevOps Dynamics

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  December 01, 2023

Traditional DevOps methodologies often involved the integration of development and operations teams, breaking down silos to foster collaboration. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are fundamental practices that emphasize the automation of code integration, testing and deployment processes. Infrastructure as Code is another key aspect that allowed for the provisioning and management of infrastructure through machine-readable script files.

Departing from those traditional methods, Kubiya is constructing bridge between the tried-and-true practices of traditional DevOps methodologies and the untapped potential of artificial intelligence.

Kubiya is a generative AI engine for DevOps and Platform Engineering that understands users’ specific needs and provides personalized, secure and efficient recommendations. To put it simply, the AI tool designed to make DevOps professionals’ lives 10 times easier.

In more recent news, Kubiya introduced its latest suite of Co-Pilots tailored for specific domains, marking a transformative shift in how organizations approach software development. This latest release revolves around democratizing the self-service aspect of intricate tasks, queries and operations through a conversational AI-driven personal DevOps assistant.

The Co-Pilot comes with a feature that allows native interaction with any tool and the linking of purpose-built agents, each equipped with domain-specific knowledge derived from finely tuned LLM training. This capability ensures a natural communication channel between developers and their engineering platforms.

The advantages of Kubiya's Co-Pilot extend to the entire team, mitigating DevOps bottlenecks, enhancing developer productivity and refining collaboration and communication between teams. This comprehensive approach also diminishes context switching.

The outcome is evident in accelerated deployment times, heightened security measures, optimized resource utilization and increased room for innovation.

“We are excited to introduce our next generation suite of Co-Pilots and allow our users to interact with a system that very much feels like a person on the other end,” said Amit Eyal Govrin, CEO of Kubiya. “With an ability to wrap conversational AI around engineering and DevOps platforms and realize substantial operational efficiency, we are firm believers this will change how organizations approach hiring for knowledge workers in the future. I see a world where your company’s next DevOps hire begins with a subscription to Kubiya.”

Kubiya remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering users on the next-generation Co-Pilot platform and offers a self-service free trial plan and an open sandbox environment. Users can access the platform through the signup page.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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