Google Cloud and HashiCorp Deepen Collaboration with Generative AI

By Stefania Viscusi  |  December 22, 2023

In a move to further empower mutual customers in their cloud transformation journies, Google (News - Alert) Cloud and HashiCorp have announced an extended partnership that will bring functional generative AI capabilities to HashiCorp's product suite.

With the collaboration, the goal is to drive automation forward help streamline cloud operations for enterprises, and make Google Cloud a preferred AI provider for HashiCorp.

As part of the extended partnership, Google Cloud's Vertex (News - Alert) AI platform has been integrated into HashiCorp's offerings. Vertex AI is renowned for its comprehensive AI project management capabilities, and will now make it possible for joint customers to discover, customize, augment, deploy, and manage AI projects seamlessly.

Additionally, HashiCorp will leverage Vertex AI to develop new interfaces and allow users to employ natural language commands and automate routine tasks, such as dashboard and insight development.

The two tech giants also said they plan to roll out AI-powered features tailored specifically for HashiCorp customers' common use cases.

"Already, many enterprise customers utilize HashiCorp and Google Cloud together. This collaboration will bring new generative AI capabilities to these joint customers, helping them accelerate their AI journeys," said Gabe Monroy, Vice President, of Product Management at Google Cloud. "With Google Cloud AI and HashiCorp's developer tools, we can help cloud developers streamline and automate many of their most common workflows and tasks, and we'll partner closely to develop and bring to market new AI-powered capabilities across the HashiCorp portfolio."

HashiCorp also announced its support for Google Cloud's Duet AI for Developers. This integration will see Duet AI drawing on product information from Terraform, an infrastructure automation tool by HashiCorp. The goal is to assist developers in writing configurations and automating infrastructure tasks more effectively.

"Terraform is the most widely used IaC tool, used by organizations around the globe, including Google. This partnership will strengthen Terraform's compatibility with AI solutions, empowering developers to focus more on creating and delivering innovative solutions, and less on underlying infrastructure operations,” said Armon Dadgar, CTO and co-founder at HashiCorp.

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