From Idea to ROI: Box Speeds Up Secure AI Adoption with New Consulting Services

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  January 02, 2024

Imagine a future where your company's internal documents, reports and emails whisper their hidden insights. Where customer reviews spontaneously generate actionable strategies, and product development blueprints emerge from a sea of market research. This isn't science fiction – it's the seductive promise of AI integrated with your unique business content.

The potential is undeniable. AI can analyze vast amounts of data. It can personalize customer experiences, streamline operations and predict market trends with accuracy. Yet, for many businesses, unlocking this potential feels like deciphering an ancient riddle. The sheer volume of data and the array of AI tools leave many feeling overwhelmed, unsure where to begin.

This is the crucial juncture sometimes called the AI crossroads. On one hand, the rewards are tantalizing – increased efficiency, competitive advantage and even entirely new revenue streams. On the other, the path is shrouded in uncertainty.

Therefore, Box announced new consulting services that help customers safely and securely implement an AI content strategy across their organizations. Box (News - Alert) is a platform that empowers organizations to manage the entire content lifecycle, work securely from anywhere and integrate across best-of-breed apps.

The new offerings announced by Box build on Box Consulting’s existing portfolio, which help various customers strengthen their Box implementation, simplify their tech stack and drive change across their organizations. Today’s new AI-specific offerings from Box Consulting are AI Transform Services, AI Deploy Services and AI Enable Services.

The AI Transform Services offering is developed for organizations seeking strategic guidance on leveraging AI for significant impact on their unstructured data. Through this offering, organizations work with an experienced technical team to explore the potential of AI through customized workshops – covering Box AI in conjunction with other tools in the organization. Organizations receive a tailored Box AI implementation roadmap and assistance with execution to bring the roadmap to fruition.

The AI Deploy Services offering is built for organizations with broad AI goals but limited resources. With this offering, quickly move from idea to ROI with Box AI managed deployment services – helping to kickstart Box AI adoption within a specific line of business or department. Organizations benefit from customized implementation based on thorough business analysis, along with comprehensive training and change management support for users within an organization.

The Enable offering is constructed for organizations that have sufficient resources but require hands-on guidance in executing their AI goals effectively. With it, organizations gain hands-on guidance and training to help IT leaders become proficient in Box AI and leverage that expertise to drive Box AI enablement and education across the business.

“These new offerings merge Box Consulting’s deep expertise in enterprise content with access to Box’s groundbreaking AI technology and the experts who built it,” said Jon Herstein, chief customer officer at Box. “By executing a robust AI content strategy with Box Consulting, organizations can unlock the value of their unstructured data and realize the power of AI much more quickly.”

The new Box Consulting services for AI are available for purchase, and customers can choose an individual package based on their business needs. Learn more here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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