Metomic Forecasts 2024's Data Security Landscape

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  January 12, 2024

Alright, sure. The proliferation of technology and interconnected systems has, indeed, greatly benefited businesses. However, as the reliance on digital platforms, networks and devices grows, so too does the potential for malicious activities conducted by cybercriminals who exploit vulnerabilities in the virtual space.

This encompasses a wide array of illicit activities, including hacking, identity theft, financial fraud and data breaches. CIOs are losing sleep over the possibility of their organizations becoming victims of cyberattacks.

Fear not, though. Cybersecurity firm Metomic recently painted a hopeful picture of the data security landscape and identified five key areas where organizations must focus to fortify their digital defenses.

The first prediction: Chief information security officers, or CISOs, are no longer content with firewalls and antivirus – they're yearning for deeper insights. 2024, Metomic predicts, will see CISOs demanding granular visibility into the vast, often murky realm of SaaS (News - Alert) applications.

Sensitive data routinely flows through these third-party tools, yet traditional security solutions remain largely blind to its movement. Expect innovative solutions to emerge, empowering CISOs to map data flows, pinpoint unauthorized access, and preempt data breaches before they occur.

The second prediction: Seamless integration and interoperability will be paramount. As an example, imagine a world where endpoint detection software seamlessly shares threat intelligence with data loss prevention tools, and SIEM platforms dynamically adjust firewalls based on real-time threat analysis. This interconnectedness will be the linchpin of effective defense, enabling security systems to anticipate, collaborate, and neutralize threats as a unified front.

Now, for the third prediction. Data Security Posture Management, or DSPM, solutions have traditionally operated at the level of individual data points, raising red flags at every PII sighting. However, 2024 will witness a paradigm shift. Metomic predicts DSPM platforms evolving beyond mere detection, leveraging AI and machine learning to discern patterns and uncover sophisticated, high-level risk scenarios.

What this prediction expects is a DSPM platform not just flagging a credit card number leak but identifying a coordinated phishing campaign targeting financial data across the organization. This proactive approach will be crucial in thwarting advanced cyberattacks before they wreak havoc.

The fourth prediction: The final line of defense in any security equation remains the human element. 2024 will see a surge in proactive employee training programs, designed to equip users with the knowledge and vigilance to recognize and report phishing attempts, social engineering tactics and other human-exploiting breaches.

Security awareness will no longer be an afterthought, but a cornerstone of organizational resilience.

The final prediction revolves around data privacy regulations. Data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA are no longer distant thunderclaps. In 2024, compliance will cease to be a mere tick-box exercise and become a strategic driver of data security.

Organizations will prioritize solutions that demonstrably comply with relevant regulations, not just for legal reasons, but also to build trust with customers and partners. Data privacy will weave into corporate culture and reshape security strategies as well as product development, marketing and customer interactions.

“The massive AI advancements we’ve seen within the security sector during the last 12 months have been astounding and there are no signs that the innovation will slow down,” said Metomic CEO Rich Vibert. “The security leaders who are able to stay ahead of the trends and prioritize effective data security strategies will be the ones best equipped to protect their company’s systems, while also maximizing productivity across the numerous cloud-based tools their organization uses to get work done.”

By prioritizing clear data visibility, integrated tools, intelligent analytics, user education and regulatory compliance, organizations can ensure their data remains their own, resilient against the ever-evolving threats of the digital age. The year ahead promises not just heightened vigilance, but also a fundamental shift in mindset – from reactive defense to proactive fortification.

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