'The Future of Evolocity is Here:' AVANT's Keynote Presentation at ITEXPO 2024

By Alex Passett, Editor  |  February 21, 2024

At ITEXPO 2024 (which took place last week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida), premier technologies distributor AVANT was a Diamond sponsor of the show and one of the keynote presentations was led by AVANT’s president and co-founder, Drew Lydecker.

AVANT, as a fellow writer on our team put it, “has cultivated the resources and relationships necessary to successfully navigate the world of communications and IT infrastructure.” AVANT specializes in technology and infrastructure consulting, selection of requisite services and the implementation of said services, and its M.O. is to set industry standards for the global technology marketplace.

Throughout his keynote presentation, Lydecker touched on this AVANT mission and how the company achieves it; through its Trusted Advisors, channel managers, engineers and other experts, as well as its available go-to-market resources, analytics capabilities, and the global and regional events (in person and virtual) that are hosted to guide customers in their unique business decisions.

Lydecker started by covering “Evolocity,” a word used frequently through AVANT’s ranks.

“Evolocity,” he described, “is all about thinking. It’s evolution at the right professional velocity through the right kinds of thinking. If you aren’t doing that – if you’re not evolving – you’re falling behind. And if you’ve fallen behind, you’re missing the best of what is taking place.”

Lydecker also energetically guided the keynote’s audience through a history lesson, of sorts, that looped from 220 BC and the limited boundaries of the world as it was once known, all the way to 2024 with the proliferation of the internet and AI.

Then, he proceeded to tell an emotional story about his son’s missed Type 1 diabetes diagnoses, how that didn’t stop his son from pursuing his dreams, and how that ties into “thinking limitlessly” and surrounding ourselves “with trusted advisors – in business and in our personal day-to-days – that push us towards ‘Peak Evolocity’ and inspire real change.

Lydecker did speak to some AVANT technical specifics; its diverse cloud solutions, its multilayered partner and marketing support, and a tease of more company news on the horizon. But overall, the presentation focused much more on a cinematic tone that entertained the audience with stirring “what if” concepts and questions about how to best challenge ourselves to evolve.

Read more about Drew Lydecker and AVANT here.

Edited by Alex Passett
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