Versa Networks Debuts SASE on SIM Solution

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  February 27, 2024

Mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are increasingly struggling to grow their businesses as basic connectivity services become more like common goods. In response, many MNOs have introduced new value-added services to increase revenue, retain customers, and diversify their income sources. Security services are seen as a potential opportunity, but MNOs have difficulty offering them cost-effectively at scale.

They also see security services as an opportunity but are unable to deliver them at scale cost effectively. As the workforce has become more mobile and remote, traditional architectures delivering security services are insufficient.

Well, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has emerged as a solution. SASE offers a more adaptable and context-aware approach to security. SASE also ensures that mobile and remote users have secure access to applications and data regardless of their location.

However, implementing SASE in mobile networks presents a challenge. Many devices connecting to these networks cannot easily accommodate security software and introduce additional complexities in managing their lifecycles. This issue needs to be addressed for successful SASE deployment in the mobile space.

Versa Networks looks to overcome that challenge with the release of its new patented solution: Versa SASE on SIM for Mobile Operators.

Versa SASE on SIM for Mobile Operators integrates SASE capabilities with SIM-based identity for authentication and access control within mobile networks. This approach allows MNOs to leverage existing SIM identities for SASE services.

MNOs can build network security and Zero Trust offerings directly into mobile services for IoT and traditional IT devices, without requiring the installation of additional software agents on the devices. By eliminating the need to provision separate private access point names for each enterprise, MNOs can offer more scalable private network services. Additionally, MNOs can avoid the complexities of managing and monitoring multiple agents, operating systems and end-user devices by utilizing a single, SIM-based approach.

So how exactly does this work? Great question.

Mobile networks often connect various unintelligent devices. Think cameras, sensors and thin clients. When these devices connect to the MNO’s radio network, Versa SASE gateways leverage the subscription identifier stored on the device's SIM card alongside its IP address information to identify the user and the tenant associated with the device. This integration of Versa SASE gateways directly into the MNO's data path enables the application of SASE services to these previously unmanaged endpoints.

“With the launch of our SIM-based SASE solution, we are setting a new standard for security and connectivity in mobile networks,” said Apurva Mehta, Versa co-founder and CTO. “Our patented technology not only simplifies the deployment of SASE services for mobile operators but also marks a significant step forward in advanced, seamless authentication methods. This innovation underscores our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our partners worldwide.”

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Edited by Alex Passett
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