QuSecure Expands Reach of Orchestrated Cryptographic Agile Cybersecurity Solution

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  February 29, 2024

Let’s talk about the AWS ISV Accelerate Program.

The AWS ISV Accelerate Program is designed to better equip independent software vendors (ISVs) whose solutions run on (or integrate with) Amazon Web Services (News - Alert). Through dedicated account managers and sales representatives, the program fosters collaboration between AWS and participating ISVs. This joint effort leads to the creation of compelling sales opportunities and proposals, ultimately increasing the chances of successful deals for ISV offerings.

Furthermore, ISVs benefit from the established market reach of AWS. By co-selling, they gain exposure to a vast pool of active AWS customers, which, of course, accelerates their sales cycles. This combined expertise of AWS and ISVs also ensures customers receive the best possible solutions.

In essence, the AWS ISV Accelerate Program provides a valuable platform for ISVs to expand their reach, accelerate sales and achieve success within the cloud computing market. And a news member recently joined the program’s ranks: QuSecure.

QuSecure's QuProtect software, now available for deployment, allows organizations to utilize quantum-resistant technology to safeguard against current cyberattacks while also preparing for future threats posed by quantum computers. It offers ubiquitous quantum-resistant cryptography across various devices, including networks, cloud systems, IoT, edge devices and satellite communications.

Organizations can integrate PQC into their networks with minimal disruption to existing systems, as QuProtect maintains current encryption standards. The software leverages an end-to-end, quantum-secure, "security-as-a-service" architecture that addresses critical vulnerabilities within the digital ecosystem. This comprehensive and interoperable cybersecurity suite uniquely combines features like zero-trust principles, next-generation post-quantum cryptography, cryptographic agility, quantum-resistant keys, high availability, straightforward deployment and active defense.

How does the AWS ISV Accelerate Program impact QuSecure? Well, the AWS ISV Accelerate Program enables QuSecure to leverage AWS's global sales force to reach new customers and accelerate adoption of its QuProtect offering.

This isn’t the first time the company has collaborated with AWS. QuSecure's journey with AWS began last year when QuProtect became available in AWS Marketplace. Additionally, QuSecure was selected for the AWS Global Startup Program, and QuProtect achieved the "Qualified Software" designation after successfully completing the AWS Foundational Technical Review.

The recent collaboration of QuSecure in the ISV Accelerate Program further ensures both companies are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for customers.

“Joining the AWS ISV Accelerate Program streamlines our ability to deliver our PQC solution to AWS customers worldwide by working with AWS field sellers and providing access to simplified transactions in AWS Marketplace,” said Dr. Garrison Buss, QuSecure Chief Strategy Officer. “Our PQC product QuProtect is the most advanced cybersecurity enterprise software solution available and employs orchestrated crypto-agility to deter existing and future threats.”

QuSecure’s PQC solutions are available to organizations worldwide in AWS Marketplace.

Edited by Alex Passett
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