Accruent Selects Microsoft Azure as Primary Platform for SaaS Solutions

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 04, 2024

Cloud computing offers a wide range of benefits; from cost savings and enhanced security, to access to cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning. As businesses embrace digital transformation, the demand for reliable and secure cloud platforms continues to surge.

This trend is evident in the recent collaboration between Accruent, a provider of workplace and asset management solutions, and Microsoft (News - Alert). This strategic partnership designates Microsoft Azure as the primary hosting platform for Accruent's SaaS (News - Alert) offerings.

By leveraging the capabilities of Azure, Accruent aims to enhance its suite of SaaS solutions with advanced features, including AI and machine learning through the Azure OpenAI Service. This integration is expected to drive business productivity and efficiency for Accruent's customers across various industries.

The move to Azure is expected to offer several key benefits for Accruent and its customers.

Azure's global infrastructure provides Accruent with the scalability and reliability needed to support its growing customer base and ensure consistent performance for its SaaS solutions. Azure offers a robust security framework that meets the most stringent industry standards. This collaboration will enable Accruent to further strengthen the security posture of its SaaS offerings.

By leveraging Azure OpenAI Service, Accruent can integrate AI and machine learning capabilities into its SaaS solutions. This will enable businesses to automate tasks, gain deeper insights from data, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.

Unifying its SaaS solutions under one platform is expected to streamline management and maintenance processes for Accruent, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and cost savings.

"By deepening our relationship with Microsoft and harnessing the power of Microsoft Azure, we're enhancing our ability to deliver intelligent, AI-driven solutions to our customers," said Richard Leurig, CPTO at Accruent. "This collaboration signifies a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to providing innovative, industry-leading solutions."

With that said, the collaboration extends beyond simply migrating Accruent's existing SaaS solutions to Azure. Both companies aim to leverage their combined expertise to develop and deliver next-generation workplace and asset management solutions built on the Azure platform. 

"We're pleased to strengthen our collaboration with Accruent, a company that shares our vision for the transformative potential of the cloud," said Gary Nafus, Vice President of Sales at Microsoft. "Our combined efforts aim to further enhance productivity for customers by using our robust commitment to security, while continuously investing in AI-driven solutions."

The expanded collaboration between Accruent and Microsoft represents a significant development in the cloud computing landscape. By combining their expertise and leveraging the power of Azure, the companies are in a better position to deliver innovative and secure cloud-based solutions to help businesses gain a competitive edge.

Edited by Alex Passett
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